Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Results- Diamond Celebration Bucket List

As you've probably figured out by now, I was pretty impressed with Disneyland's 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration.  Not only was a dazzled, but I was also able to do most of the things on my bucket list!  Here are the final results.:

Melissa's Disneyland Diamond Celebration Bucket List:

°o° Watch the Paint the Night Parade
This was my absolute favorite of all the new nighttimes shows.  I loved the catchy music, dancing lights, amazing costumes and the intricate design of the floats.  "I gotta know, my friends, when can we do this again?"

°o° See the World of Color (also my first time seeing World of Color)
World of Color "Celebrate" was spectacular.  I saw it twice this trip and I can't wait to go again.  Next time, Eliot and I might even do a dining package so we get better seats!

°o° Watch Disneyland Forever (at the Castle, Main Street and Small World)
The Disneyland Forever fireworks and projection show was incredible.  Eliot and I ended up seeing it four times from inside of Disneyland- twice at Fantasmic, once on Main Street and once from It's A Small World.  We also could see the fireworks from our hotel and from California Adventure!  The show was amazing!

°o° Take Pictures at the Diamond Celebration Photo Stops
Disneyland had three photos spots and California Adventure had three as well.  In the end, Eliot and I took pictures at the Grizzly Peak, Haunted Mansion and Thunder Mountain Railroad photos spots.  We missed the California Screamin', Matterhorn and Bugs Land spots.  Next trip, we're going to try to get photos at all of them!

°o° Buy Mickey and Minnie Diamond Celebration Candy Apples
This was one of the last things I did at Disneyland.  I wanted to get them all week but in the end, it made more sense to buy them and bring them home.  They give you cheap plastic knives to cut them, and why attempt that when I can use my beast of a chopping knife at home?

°o° Get a Picture with Mickey and Minnie in Diamond Celebration Outfits
This almost didn't happen.  Thanks to a wonderful cast member named Jamie, we were able to accomplish this.  We'd been trying to see Mickey and Minnie together in their diamond celebration outfits all week and this was (literally) one of the last things we did.  I'll post more about it in my daily recaps, but I want to give a shout out to cast member Jamie for her kindness and compassion!  Mickey and Minnie loved our custom Happily Ever Hatter ear hats and I'm so happy we got photos with them!

°o° Wear My 60th Anniversary Outfit
It was so hot and humid during our trip.  (A tropical storm came up from Mexico and it was in the 90's and humid.)  We had planned for hot with dry heat.  I hadn't worn my new red dress yet, and I was terrified that I'd fry in the fabric.  I was going to change into it, but we were such a hot mess anyways that I decided it wasn't worth it.  Eliot didn't really have an outfit to match either.  This is on the bucket list for next trip!

°o° Take Photos of the Diamond Celebration Decorations
Disneyland switched over to Halloween decor early in our trip.  I didn't get as many Diamond Celebration decoration photos as I would have liked, but I did get plenty of the castle.  I also got some with the Halloween decorations.  Next trip, I'll get more!

°o° Order a Drink with Diamond a Glow Cube
As I mentioned the other day, we weren't able to go to the Cove Bar, so my diamond glow cube dreams were dashed.  This is happening next trip!  Must get glow cube!!!

°o° Buy Mickey and Minnie Diamond Celebration Cake Pops
This was also a last stop on our trip.  I was only able to get a Mickey cake pop to bring home since Minnie always sold out really fast!  It was delicious though!

°o° Collect the 60th Anniversary Pressed Coins
This became Eliot's pet project.  We set out to get only the 60th pressed coins and then decided to try for all of the coins.  We did pretty well overall.  We only missed a few spots at the hotels or at machines that were temporarily broken or being repaired.

°o° Wear My New 60th Anniversary Happily Ever Hatter Designs
I wore my Disneyland 60th IllusionEars a few times during the trip.  Everyone loved them and said Disney should have been selling a set like mine.  (Obviously I'm biased, but mine were way nicer looking than the diamond ears hundreds of girls were wearing... and mine only cost a few dollars more!)  Eliot and I also wore our new Mickey and Minnie Diamond Celebration ear hats on the last day.  Most guests didn't "get it" but the cast members had high praise for my designs.  Mickey, Minnie and Oswald also thought the were the bees knees.

°o° Get a Picture with Goofy in Diamond Celebration Outfit
We weren't able to get in line for a picture with Goofy before his line closed.  We did get to give him a high five though!  Next trip!

°o° Purchase Diamond Celebration Merchandise
Eliot and I really behaved ourselves this trip.  I bought a few Diamond Celebration items, but I didn't go crazy.  Eliot's Mom lives near Disneyland, so the idea that she can always run over to grab something makes it less daunting.  We didn't get the shirts we wanted to get, but we'll be sure to get them eventually.

°o° Be Dazzled by Disneyland's Diamond Celebration
Disneyland's Diamond Celebration definitely dazzled me.  Sleeping Beauty Castle was stunning both day and night.  During the day, it shimmered in the sunlight.  At night, it literally sparkled when it was all lit up.  The nighttime shows were incredible.  Disney did a fantastic job celebrating Disneyland's 60th birthday.  And I can't lie- it makes me really excited to see what's in store for Walt Disney World's 50th a few years from now!

We also had an experience I wasn't expecting:

°o° Picture with Donald in Diamond Celebration Outfit
I didn't realize all of the characters were in their diamond outfits at the beginning of each Disneyland day!  Eliot and I got a photo op with Donald one morning.  You could also get pictures with Daisy, Pluto, Chip and Dale in their special Diamond Celebration outfits!  There's a few more things to add to next trip's bucket list!

As you can see, we did a pretty good job with this bucket list!  We've got a few things to add to next trip, but that only makes me more excited to go back to Disneyland for more Diamond Celebration magic!  Plus, today it was officially announced that the Diamond Celebration will continue until September of 2016!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  °o°


  1. Do you know when the 60th anniversary celebration ends? I'm going in January :)

    1. The Disney Parks Blog (in the link above) said it was going until September 5th, 2016! We thought they'd have it go at least a year. However, I am surprised it's not staying through the 2016 holidays.

  2. Do you know when the 60th anniversary celebration ends? I'm going in January :)