Monday, September 20, 2021

Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

Today is Eliot's and my ninth wedding anniversary!!!  

Neither of us can believe that it's already been 9 years since we had the most magical experience at Walt Disney World for our dream come true fairytale wedding day!

We don't usually do much for our anniversary, but we try to take some time to do something together.  This year, we're on vacation in Virginia Beach with my family so I'm sure there's something fun we can find to do this afternoon or evening!  I've been scoping out some restaurant options so at the very least we'll probably do that!

No matter what we end up doing for our anniversary today, I'm just happy that Eliot and I can spend some time together away from our daily routine and the stress that our businesses sometimes put us under.  We can celebrate our anniversary all week long!

Cheers to nine magical years of love, laughter and happily ever after.

HappAnniversary to us!!!  °o°

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