Friday, September 17, 2021

We're Virginia Bound!

It's finally time!  This afternoon, my family begins our road trip down to Virginia.  

After a bit of deliberating, Eliot decided to work two 12 hour days and he's going to meet us down there.  (That way, he can save three vacation days.)  He flies in Monday around noon, while we should be arriving in Virginia Beach late Sunday morning or sometime in the afternoon.  My brother Jeremy and are I are taking turns driving Nana down in my parents' car, while Mom and Dad drive down in their Jeep.

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I'm so ready for this trip!  After many months of Eliot and I busting our butts working on orders for our businesses, we're taking a well deserved break.  We've definitely earned a week off!!!  Plus, it comes right as things are kicking into high gear for the Halloween-Christmas season, which is always our busiest time of the year.  It'll be nice to take a break for a few days before things get really crazy!

I'm excited about going to Virginia again!  I haven't been since I was little... probably around 10 or so.  I remember it, but a lot of it is fuzzy.  I can't wait to explore the beach area.  I'm also looking forward to going back to Colonial Williamsburg and going to this Busch Gardens for the first time!  I'm sure it will be a lot of fun!  

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You guys probably won't even know that I'm gone.  I've already got a few blog posts scheduled to go up while we're away.  I'll also drop by once we're back home in Maine!

Let the adventure begin!  °o°

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