Saturday, September 25, 2021

Small Shop Saturday: Fall Finds

Today, I wanted to share some fun fall finds from small shops.  I love autumn and it's often looked over on the march to spooky season.  In Maine, September and October are a few of my favorite months because the weather is so perfect.  It's usually warm enough to wear a t-shirt or light sweater during the day.  Then you can get into a warm sweater or sweatshirt at night.  Plus, the colors are spectacular.  Not everyone in the country gets to experience the gorgeous colors of the leaves changing.

I wanted to celebrate that cozy fall feeling, so I hopped over to Etsy to find some fall inspired Disney items that felt warm, cozy and autumnal.  I love what I found!

Disney Fall Vibes Shirt- This t-shirt by Savage Love Design is simple and adorable.  I love how you could also wear it through to Thanksgiving since it has a turkey on it.

Mickey Fall Vibes Shirt- This shirt by Kiki Shop Gifts is a cute alternative.  I love shirts that have a Mickey outline and a bunch of fun things in a collage inside of it.  This one also has a Minnie Ghost for Halloween and a Mickey turkey for Thanksgiving!

Autumn Leaves and Disney Please Shirt- This simple graphic shirt by Create and Ship is another great design.  I love shirts with fun text graphics!

Mickey Castle Sign Decor- If you're looking for Disney farmhouse decor, look no further!  This sign by Main Street Sawdust is perfect for fall.  And I love the little leaves!

Hidden Mickey Pumpkin Sign Decor- If you're like me and you to make things, this unfinished sign by Grandpa T's Woodworking is perfect for you!  There are so many possibilities; I think I'd paint mine orange and green and make it into some sort of wreath decor for our front door... or maybe hang it on the wall?  Oh, the possibilities... 

Mickey Pumpkin Pie Decor- I really love this cute decor by Mikey Hearts It.  It would be perfect for a fall or Thanksgiving tiered tray display in the kitchen!

Autumn Leaves and Disney Please Sign- This adorable sign by Janell's Treasures is perfect for fall.  I love the simple Mickey pumpkins and the leaves on it.  It also has that farmhouse feel that's very on trend in home decor right now!

Mickey Pumpkin Spice Latte Banner- I love this Mickey and Minnie pumpkin spice banner by Brandalyn's Paperie.  This one would be perfect over a coffee bar area!

Chip and Dale Fall Banner- If coffee isn't your thing, this cute fall banner by Magically By Molly is a great alternative.  I really love this and it would look great in our living room!  Eliot loves Chip and Dale; plus this has apples, leaves, pumpkins and acorns!

Mrs. Mouse Fall Coffee Cozy-  I love coffee cozies and this fall design by Once Upon a Cozy is super adorable!  The colors are perfect and I can picture myself walking outside admiring the changing leaves while sipping a drink with this cozy.

Mickey Pumpkin Pie Brooch or Necklace- I love this mini Mickey pumpkin pie by Le Petit Mouse!  I don't think I've ever posted photos (on my blog anyways), but I actually own this!  I bought the brooch version of it a few years ago and I absolutely love it!  I wear it every Thanksgiving!  I know that it's one of the shops most popular designs, so if you want one to wear for this Thanksgiving, order it soon!

Mickey Pumpkin Necklace- I discovered this necklace by Making It Magical Store on my autumn hunt and I'm so glad I did!  I love how it's a subtle nod to both fall and Mickey.  And it comes in silver and rose gold... I might need both.  And at less than $20 each, that's totally doable!  A girl needs options!

Mickey Pumpkin Spice Earrings- These little earrings by V Loved Jewelry are really cute!  If Disney and pumpkin spice is your life, these are a must have!

Mickey Clay Pumpkin Earrings- Clay earrings are super trendy right now and these adorable earrings by Lindsay's Ear Shop are top notch!  There are even multiple sizes of Mickey pumpkins to pick from depending on your style!

Mickey Pumpkin Statement Necklace- Finally, if you're a "little bit extra" like me, this large statement necklace by We Are Disco Yeti might be more your style.  While I love subtle jewelry, sometimes I want something that's a showstopper and this is it!  I love how bright and fun the Mickey pumpkin is.  It would be perfect with a simple fall colored shirt, a denim jacket and jeans!  Ka-pow!  Instant Disney and fall awesomeness!!! 

And there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed this curated list of magical autumn finds!  All of these shops have great sales records and reviews.  While I often post about items from "big box" stores, I think it's really important to remember us small shop folk too!  I love to support my fellow small shops and I love posting finds!  These are definitely getting me into the fall spirit!  Once we're home from Virginia, I'll definitely have to switch over to my fall wardrobe!  Bring on the sweaters and pumpkin spice!!!  °o°

Please Note: Eliot and I are not affiliated with any of these shops and we won't earn anything if you purchase something from this post.  I just wanted to spread a little bit of magical good will by sharing some stuff that I love from Etsy!  I know how much it means to small shops for their stuff to be shared.  All of these items are literally things that I picked off of my own Etsy favorites list!  

All of these photos belong to the shop in which I've shared them from.  If you link them from this post, please attach them to their corresponding Etsy shop!

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