Saturday, September 18, 2021

Summer 2021 Bucket List Results

We're halfway through September, the school year is in full swing and summer is winding down.  In a few more days, it will officially be fall.  Here in Maine, there are signs of the seasons getting ready to shift once again, and the change will soon be upon us.  Thankfully, I'm ready for the summer to shift to fall.  I was able to enjoy my summer, even though it sped right by!  We were able to find moments to soak it in.  In fact, I think it's time to check in on how I did with my Summer 2021 Bucket List!

1.) Go Swimming at a Pool

This actually played out a lot differently than I was expecting it to.  After swimming in our friends' pool last summer, I assumed we'd do the same thing this year... but our body clocks weren't aligned with swimming before Eliot went to work.  However, we were able to go down to Water Country to swim and relax in their pools twice!

2.) Go the Beach

We actually didn't go down to the beach much this year.  I can check it off though because Eliot and I were at Old Orchard Beach to see the fireworks!

3.) Make S'mores Over a Fire

We havne't made s'mores over a fire in years.  (I usually heat them in the microwave and call it good!)  It was so much fun to make them over Labor Day Weekend.  But maybe next year we can spent a little more time sitting around the fire!

4.) Have a BBQ

Eliot and I didn't have a BBQ at our house, but we did have one at Mom and Dad's house.  (In hindsight, that's what I was getting at anyways.)  I love cookouts and we used to have them all the time growing up.  We had all of my favorites- burgers, potato salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn on the cob and watermelon!  Yum!!!

5.) Eat Lobster

Every summer since I was little, Mom and Dad have always gotten me a lobster.  This year, I enjoyed it over the 4th of July holiday weekend!  It was super yummy!!!

6.) Get Ice Cream from Scoop Deck

Eliot and I were finally able to take my family to Scoop Deck!  I'm so glad!  There are still a few more weeks before they close.  We might try to make it down one last time, but with our crazy schedule and vacation coming up, this might have been our only trip down there this summer.  But, at least we got to go down once!!! 

7.) Eat Watermelon

I got to enjoy this treat a few times- first at my cousin's birthday BBQ, then again on the 4th of July in Bar Harbor and one more time over Labor Day Weekend!  Yum!!!

8.) Have a Picnic

Eliot and I really enjoyed our picnic over at Fort Williams Park a few days ago!  It's the perfect place for a picnic and I see many more in our future!

9.) Spend 4th of July in Bar Harbor

I was so glad I got to be in Bar Harbor for the 4th this summer!  After last year, even this year's short parade, postponed fireworks and the rain couldn't dampen my spirits!

10.) Go to Jordan Pond House for Popovers

We were planning on doing this, but between the weird hours, lack of reservations and crazy amounts of tourists, we decided against it.  Eliot and I are thinking about taking a weekend trip up to visit this fall though... so we'll see!!!

11.) Go to Six Flags New England

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Eliot and I decided against going to Six Flags this summer since we were able to go to the water park at Water Country instead!  So no worries!  I'm sure we'll be there sooner than later anyways... 

12.) Watch the Sunset

When I wrote this goal out, I pictured us going somewhere specifically to watch the sunset.  While Eliot and I weren't able to do that, we did see some spectacular sunsets this summer... so I'm going to count them.  (This gorgeous photo is from when we were stranded at Lowes.)  This goal was about stopping to enjoy the moment anyways!

13.) Play Mini Golf at Pirates Cove in Bar Harbor

We didn't get to do this when we were all home over the 4th of July due to crappy weather, so it was at the top of my to do list over Labor Day Weekend!  Thankfully, it worked out and Eliot, Jeremy, Dad and I all had a ton of fun mini golfing!

14.) Go to the Local Ice Cream Shop

This was the final thing on my bucket list and we've been trying to make time to go all summer.  But much like the last 5 years we've lived here, we still haven't been able to get over to the local ice cream store that's less than five minutes away.  Eliot and I were actually planning to make a quick trip yesterday before I left for Virginia, but we had too much to do in order to get our orders finished, packaged and mailed out.  Still, they stay open into October... so maybe we'll go when we get back!

15.) Visit a Lighthouse

Eliot and I finally got to check out the Portland Head Light lighthouse while we were visiting Fort Williams Park a few days ago!  I'm so glad we got to see it up close.  I hope we can visit again and get a view of it from another angle next time!

16.) Get Pier Fries

This probably seems silly, but this is a summer staple.  When we were kids, we used to go camping with my parents in Old Orchard Beach and we've always gotten the Pier Fries.  It doesn't feel like summer until I've had some!  We didn't get them until late this summer, but they were definitely worth the wait!

17.) Eat a Lobster Roll

This was one of the last things I checked off my bucket list.  Eliot actually brought me a lobster roll for dinner this past Thursday night.  I usually try to get one at Amato's, but by the time we went to get it, they had removed it from their menu.  Thankfully, Ninety Nine was still making them, so Eliot surprised me with a to go lobster roll because he knew how much I wanted one!  He's the best and it was really yummy!!!

18.) Watch the Fireworks at Old Orchard Beach

Eliot and I almost missed out on this, but we were able to watch the last fireworks show of the summer a few days ago!  It wasn't the best fireworks display... it probably wasn't even as good as other fireworks shows we've seen in Old Orchard Beach, but it was still a fun night and definitely a nice break! 

19.) Play Mini Golf at Pirates Cove in Old Orchard Beach

We actually did this twice this year- although I didn't count the trip over Father's Day weekend as part of my Summer Bucket List.  Eliot and I always love going mini golfing; it's one of the first dates we went on and we both enjoy it.  I'm so glad that we have a Pirates Cove near us.  The one in Bar Harbor was always a summer favorite of mine- so it's really nice to have one near us down here too!

20.) Get an Epi Cookie 

I was hoping to get more than of these this summer... but with weird hours and staff shortages, we were only able to go into the Epi once of 4th of July weekend.  Still, I was able to get my cookie, whoopie pie and Italian sub, so I'm happy!

21.) Go to the Yankee Candle Village Store

As I mentioned above, Eliot and I decided against going out to Six Flags and the Yankee Candle Village this summer.  But I'm sure we'll be there sooner than later... 

We definitely enjoyed our summer!  There were also things we weren't expecting to do:

Pink Pastry Shop Cupcakes

I always forget about this shop since it's only been in town for a few years.  This year, we got our breakfast there on the 4th of July... but we also went back for cupcakes!

Family BBQ at my Cousin's House

Eliot and I also enjoyed spending some time with my Mom's side of the family at my cousin's house for his daughters Birthday BBQ!  We hadn't seen most of them since before COVID, so it was nice to visit and catch up a bit!

Water Country

Finally, Eliot and I went to Water Country twice this summer!  After talking about going for years, we found an opportunity to go with my parents, Jeremy and Nana!  Plus, we upgraded our tickets to season passes so we could go back a second time.

We definitely took a chunk of out of this list!  17 out of 21 isn't bad at all... especially when we knowingly made the decision to skip the four things we didn't do!!!  I feel so accomplished!  This is definitely the best I've ever done with one of my bucket lists.

I really enjoyed making this seasonal bucket list!  In fact, this might have to become an annual tradition!  Eliot and I are usually so busy working on our house and both of our businesses that we sometimes forget to kick back and relax.  Being hard workers is a good thing, but working all the time and letting summer pass us by isn't cool.  (We've been there, done that and I don't wanna do it ever again!)

By having a clear set of goals for the summer, it was easier for me to push back from the businesses.  It felt like I was accomplishing a different set of tasks and I enjoyed doing them and checking them off my list!  Plus, it gave us a good excuse to make time for ourselves which can sometimes be a struggle when you're juggling so much!

Summer 2020 certainly wasn't anything to write home about... but thanks to this fun summer bucket list, Summer 2021 more than made up for it!  I feel accomplished and good knowing that I didn't waste away my summer.  I got to do all of my favorite things and take some time to really soak everything in.

Thank you Summer 2021 for making it one for the memory books!!!  °o°

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