Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Back from Virginia

Hello friends!  We are home from our road trip down to Virginia!

Eliot and I actually got back yesterday afternoon, but I was so tired from the trip and driving that I pretty much crashed.  After mindlessly watching a few tv shows on the DVR, I took a nap for a 2-3 hours.  Then, I got up and watched more tv, Eliot got home from work, I ate something for dinner, we watched one more show and we went to bed.

Today, I'm trying to get caught up on everything that I didn't have to do while we were gone on vacation.  We have tons of laundry from our trip to do.  I'd like to get a little bit of cleaning done around the house.  And there's a mountain of things to unpack.

Most importantly, we're trying to get on track with our businesses.  We got a bunch of sales while were were gone, so I've been busy updating my print list and our white boards.  Eliot's already started printing a few of the orders.  Once he's home from work later on tonight, we'll go over our game plan for the rest of the week!

While we have a lot of stuff to get done this week, our vacation was totally worth it!  I'm so glad we got away with my family and took a break.  It's been so long since Eliot and I took one; I didn't realize how much I really needed it!  I had plans to work on my blog and make regular social media posts; but other than our wedding anniversary social media posts, I don't think I did any others.  I found myself completely forgetting about anything that had to do with work, our businesses, or any of our day-to-day activities.

Clearly, I really needed this break to rest, recuperate and to recharge.  Now that Eliot and I are back home in Maine, I feel refreshed and renewed.  

Plus, we had an amazing time at Virginia Beach, in Williamsburg and on the road trip down and back!  We got to do a bunch of fun things along with resting.  Our vacation was the perfect mix of exploring and relaxing- truly the best of both worlds!

I will write more about our trip soon, but for now I'm getting back in the groove!  °o°

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