Monday, October 5, 2020

Magical Merchandise: 2020 Holiday Decor from Lowes

Happy Magical Merchandise Monday!  It's been a while since I posted about new merchandise so I thought it was high time for another one.  I mentioned in my latest update post about how Eliot and I have been checking out the holiday merchandise at Lowes.  They always have fun Disney Halloween and Christmas decorations and this year's collection certainly did not disappoint!

Today, I thought I'd do a post about some of the merchandise that we've found for both holidays.  Many stores are already pretty picked over- especially for Halloween.  But, after going to three different stores, we can safely say that you never really know what you'll find at each of them as the selection did vary quite a bit! 


We've been to both of our local Lowes stores twice on two different weekends, and then we also went to the August Lowes when we had to make the hour and a half trek go pick Eliot's car up from being serviced.  One of our local stores has absolutely no Disney Christmas merchandise out so far, while the other was preparing for the set up the first time we went, and had the display fully out the following weekend!  (We were also a little naughty and took a peek at the display plans sitting on the empty shelf...)

Seeing the Halloween and Christmas displays brought me so much joy.  2020 has been really rough and I find myself craving the holiday season and my favorite time of year.  I love the fall and celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years and my birthday also falls right in the middle.  It always goes by fast, but I really cherish this season and the decor and fun that comes along with it!

For Halloween, there was a lot of the stuff that Eliot and I have grown to expect- lots of Nightmare Before Christmas inflatables, and a few Mickey and Minnie items.  This year, we were really excited about the new Mickey Bat inflatables.  Last year, Eliot bought two of the Mickey Ghosts, so this year we added two bats to complete our front porch set up!  We were excited to see the hanging ghosts return as well!

We were also pretty excited to see Zero in addition to all of the Jack Skellington inflatables we usually see!  There was also a big Jack Skellington inflatables with him on top of the hill surrounded by lots of lighted pumpkins at the base.  We're not huge Nightmare Before Christmas fans, but even I liked how festive that one was.

I really liked this year's Mickey and Minnie inflatables in the tonal gray.  We have so many different Mickey and Minnie Halloween inflatables, but I think we might still grab a pair of these.  I'm actually thinking about putting them in our master bedroom.  Our bedroom is mint with gray tones, and these would fit right in perfectly!

Finally, the last Disney Halloween inflatable, and the hardest to find, was the giant Mickey Mouse Pumpkin inflatable!  I first saw him on Instagram when a ton of Disney fans were posting pictures of him in their yards.  Right then, I knew Eliot and I had to get one.  Mickey wasn't available in any of our local stores, but we were able to order one online and to have my brother Jeremy pick it up in New Hampshire on his way home for Labor Day weekend!  (It ended up being quite a little saga, but thankfully, Mickey arrived safely and he's absolutely perfect!)  We haven't set him up yet, but he'll be joining the rest of our decor soon!

As for Christmas, I'm always so excited to see what Lowes has in their Disney Magic Holiday Christmas collection!  They've had this exclusive merchandise line since 2016 and every year for the past 5 years, Eliot and I make the trek to Lowes around our wedding anniversary to see what new additions they have for that year.

This year, my absolute favorite thing from the collection is hands down the Mickey Snowman Blow Mold... and I haven't been the only one.  If you actually can find one of these at this point, count yourself as very lucky.  Ever since news of him broke on Instagram, Disney fans have been looking high and low for him.

Eliot and I saw his box during our first trip to our local Portland Lowes.  We went back the following weekend and thankfully, there were still two of them there!  Although, Eliot got to the aisle way before me, had them both in a shopping cart and then stood in front of it so I wouldn't see them.  I was completely crushed when I turned the corner and their spot was empty... but then I was so excited when he stepped aside to reveal them!  (I literally squealed out loud.)  Two of them still there- exactly what we wanted!

This year, they've also added a few other new items.  Another one that I loved was the new wreath made with pinecones.  It's a fun alternative to the usual Mickey wreath.

I'm in love with the Santa Mickey rainbow lights.  I think we might get a few of these for our living room.  Eliot and I both love the little Santa hats on them!

Another new item I love is the Mickey and Minnie Lighted Tinsel Yard Sculpture.  I love how Mickey is inside of the chimney.  The only thing that would make it cuter was if Mickey popped up and down out of the chimney!

A sculpture that does move is the new Mickey mailbox!  It's so cute but it's hard to see in pictures!  (It's at the top right of the Disney Magic Holiday display.)

We also love the Mickey and Minnie blow molds.  I sent a picture of them to my Dad who texted me back that he wanted a Mickey.  (Blow molds are really special to me since we have a few that Mom and Dad had ever since I can remember.  Dad's big Santa and Snowman blow molds always make me smile.)  After a few more texts back and forth, both Mickey and Minnie joined our snowmen to come home with us for my Dad.  They've been sitting in our living room since then.  At this point, Eliot and I are probably going to get a set for ourselves as they've grown on me even more!

Of course, there are a few Mickey and Minnie inflatables.

Finally, we did find Mickey and Minnie porch greeters at the Lowes that didn't have a full Disney display.  It's a bummer that they don't have the full collection out (yet... possibly at all?) but they did at least have these cuties along with the inflatables.

We're really excited for all of these fun holiday decorations.  I can't wait to get a little spooky and then to deck the halls.  2020 may have sucked the souls out of most of us... but it can't take away all of my holiday cheer!  


  1. Love when you post your shopping trips and merchandise buys!

  2. Actually, there’s an inflatable at Home Depot that’s similar to the chimney decoration at Lowe’s and it’s animated! Mickey’s in a present, but I think it’s still worth checking out.