Saturday, October 17, 2020

Small Shop Saturday: Headbands (Part 2)

You might recall that back in July I finally got my hair cut and got rid of my quarantine hairdo.  It's now a little shorter than shoulder length which is pretty short for me.  I haven't had it this short since Eliot's and my honeymoon in March of 2013!  Back then, I got it cut before we left for Walt Disney World and it was so short that I couldn't even pull it back in a ponytail.  (I had pig tails our entire honeymoon.)  This time, I was sure to tell the hair stylist that I needed to be able to pull it into a ponytail for working out, cleaning the house and working on projects and mouse ear orders.

Part of the reason that I wanted my hair cut was so that I could start to wear it down more often when the weather cools off.  I'm notorious for putting it back in a bun and calling it good.  I used to actually take the time to do my hair, but staying at home all the time has made me lazy.  I'm hoping to start wearing it down more now that the fall is here... which means I need options to keep my wild red curls tamed.

Enter the headband.  Back when I cut my hair short in the summer of 2011, I went and bought a bunch of headbands from Claire's.  This time around, I've been obsessed with handmade designs found over on Etsy.  I already bought a bunch of them prior to my haircut.  (You can read about those here in Part 1.)  After I got my hair cut, I bought a bunch more and I thought I'd share those too!

I can't seem to keep myself away from Sew Tangled.  I've placed most of my orders from Tammy as she offers both knot headbands and stretchy knotted headbands.  I've received five more orders since the first one and I absolutely love them.  I've found tons of fun designs- from Disney Dooney inspired patterns, to monorails, to Mickey colors to the Bubblegum Wall and of course a few Harry Potter designs!  In fact, my most recent order arrived on Thursday- just in time to make it into this post!

I bought a lot of Halloween and fall headbands from Sew Tangled.  The candy corn designs are a personal favorite.  I'm pretty obsessed with candy corn and they'll match my Walt Disney World Candy Corn Spirit Jersey and my Loungefly bag from last year!

Sew Tangled also had Haunted Mansion patterns like the cast member maid costume and the tightrope walker's skirt.  I had to get the Mickey wallpaper design!  Of course, I also couldn't say no to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party cast member costume prints.  I love the Halloween Party and these headbands are so cute!!!

This time around, I also bought a few headbands from Custom Threadss.  I've been admiring a few for awhile now, and I finally purchased my favorites!  I absolutely love the Cinderella pink dress headband and how the knot bow is a tape measure!  I've bought a few Loungefly bags and dresses that match this theme so it's perfect!

I couldn't help myself; I had to have the Wilderness Explorer headband.  I'm also loving how the bow is fabric with all of Russell's patches!

I also bought this stretchy Rapunzel headband from Custom Threadss.  I love it!

A few years ago, I introduced you to my friend Maggie and her shop Elephant and Mouse.  She still makes mouse ears, but she's also branched out to making knotted headbands!  She's had so many fun designs so of course I had to get a few.  So far, I've bought one for fall and one for Christmas, but I've got my eye on a few more of her new plaid Christmas designs... and they've already found their way into my shopping cart!  (You'll probably see another post with those down the line...)

As you can see, my headband addiction has grown into a full blown obsession.  (Send help!)  Seriously, I love them.  I'm hoping to behave myself between now and when the rest of the Christmas designs start to show up... I guess we'll see how that turns out.  

In the meantime, Eliot and I are in the process of collecting supplies to make a display for my growing collection.  Then, it will be easy to find what I'm looking for each day.  I'll be sure to update you once the headband display project is completed, as well an update on how my collection looks a few more months from now.  °o°

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