Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Eliot's Promotion

I had another post planned for today, but this one was much more important.  I wanted to take a quick moment to brag about my amazing husband instead!  Today, Eliot was promoted to senior mechanical engineer at his company.  He's worked there for almost nine years now and he's been looking forward to this day!

I remember driving him there just over nine years ago when he went to his interview one October day.  It was less than a month after our wedding and Eliot still hadn't found a job after college yet.  I sat in the car reading a book in the visitor parking spot while I waited for him with bated breath.  He was so excited when he got back to the car, telling me all about how his interview went.  We were so hopeful... 

A few weeks later, on November 8th, he got the call with them offering him the job.  We were both ecstatic.  Not only was the job perfect for him, but it was in my home state of Maine.  We were staying in New England which was our plan all along.  Things were falling into place and we were both so happy.  We went out to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse with friends that night to celebrate the beginning of our next chapter.

And what a glorious chapter it's been.  Maine is both of our home now.  We loved living in our rental house (that was right around the corner from Eliot's work and about a five minute commute), but we were so happy when we bought our own house.  We have settled in nicely and Eliot's really enjoyed his job.

He's worked so hard the last nine years.  He's gotten many projects out on the floor and he's working on a bunch of different designs now.  I'm so proud of him and all that he's accomplished!  While it's not "official" until November 1st, I had to swing by here acknowledge his big accomplishment!   

Congratulations on your promotion babe!  I'm so proud of you!!!  °o°

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