Monday, October 18, 2021

Magical Merchandise: 2021 Christmas Spirit Jerseys & Pajamas

We haven't even made it to Halloween but Shop Disney is rolling out their 2021 holiday merchandise!  I won't lie, I'm totally hear for it!  This is my absolute favorite part of the year.  I love seeing all of the Halloween and Christmas decor and clothing coming out!!!

They've been adding a little bit of merchandise online here and there over the past few weeks.  First, I spotted the ornaments.  Then, they added some pajamas for the entire family.  The past few weeks, they've been adding the Spirit Jerseys!  This morning at 3 AM, they added a few more holiday items.  And I'm sure there's much more to come!  

Today, I thought I'd share the pajamas and the Spirit Jerseys that have made their debut so far!  These are all super cute and would be perfect for cool winter days!  Plus, they have kids and adult sizes so you can coordinate the entire family!

The first collection to make it's debut was what I'm calling the Mickey and Friends Hot Cocoa pajamas.  These immediately caught my eye as I love all of the character mugs Disney makes.  This design makes me want to cuddle up on the couch. 

These pajamas come in styles for boys, girls, women and men.  The pattern consists of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale as cocoa mugs.  They have all of the seasonal hot chocolate fixings on them too!  Yummmm... 

The cocoa collection is rounded out with a matching shirt for your furry friend!

The next collection that I saw was the Holiday Plaid Disney Treats Spirit Jerseys.  This is an annual favorite of me and Eliot.  l love Disney snacks, and I love them even more when I can match my treats!  This year, they did an extra magical design that has all of the letters on the back designed into our favorite holiday treats!

Like usual, they made a design for both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.  They also made a Seasons Greetings design.  (Eliot and I bought those ones.)

They also made a matching bucket hat this year!  I got one of those too!

Around the same time that the Holiday Plaid Disney Treats Spirit Jerseys were making their debut, Shop Disney released a kids Spirit Jersey that was make to look like a Christmas sweater.  Tons of fans were disappointed that it only came in children's sizes.  Thankfully, about a week or two later, they added the Spirit Jersey sweaters in adult sizes and Disney fans (including me and Eliot) rejoiced that they didn't forget us!

This collection is beautiful.  Eliot and I were immediately taken by the fun Christmas Sweater design.  I love how it combines Mickey, the castle, and a few of the character hot cocoa mugs!  The best part is that there are also three design options for these as well.  Eliot and I went with the Merry Christmas since it was neutral.

The final collection that I've seen online (so far!) is the Disney Holiday Plaid Flannel Family Pajamas.  These are another annual tradition and I've always admired them.  I love how you can personalize each piece so everyone in the family has their own special holiday pajamas with their name on them!

Just like the cocoa pajamas, these come in sizes for the entire family.  Although, this collection also has a bodysuit for babies.  Each item in the collection also has a Mickey or Minnie embroidered onto it.  (Mickey is on the baby, boys and men's designs while Minnie is on the girls and women's designs.)  I'm a little bummed out that the men don't have a matching shirt, but Eliot usually wears a t-shirt anyways.

We've never bought the Disney holiday plaid flannel pajamas, but we might have to this year. Not only do they look really comfortable, but they'd make for a really cute Christmas Card photo dressed in them by our Christmas tree!  Plus, when we get our puppies they can match with their very own PJs with Pluto on them!


I absolutely love all of these new products!  They would be perfect to lounge around our house on a cold winter day here in Maine.  I'd love to be curled up on the couch wearing some of these while watching movies on Disney+ and drinking hot chocolate.

This is a great start to the 2021 Holiday Collection on Shop Disney. I can't wait to see what other holiday merchandise they have in store for us!!!  °o° 

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