Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Eliot's EASTEC Conference

There's no rest for these explorers... Eliot and I are off on another adventure! 

Each fall Eliot goes on a business trip where he attends EASTEC, an annual exhibition showcasing the latest in manufacturing technology.  The exhibit takes place in West Springfield, MA which is right near Six Flags New England.  He usually travels down with one of his co-workers, but this year, he asked me if I would travel down with him instead.  The event takes place today through Thursday.  

It wasn't long before we discovered that was the perfect set up to stay down there for a few extra days... so that's exactly what we're doing!  Eliot is using a vacation day on Friday so we can go to Six Flags and the Yankee Candle Village Store!!!  

We haven't been to Six Flags or the Yankee Candle Village since August of 2019.  Six Flags was actually closed all of last summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.  We usually try to take at least a weekend each summer to visit the amusement park.  Eliot loves the rollercoasters and I enjoy going to their Hurricane Harbor water park.  But since we visited Water Country and upgraded our tickets to passes, it made more sense to go there than to drive all the way to western MA just to go to the water park... especially when we already knew we were taking this trip!

I'm excited to take a few days off.  We have been crazy busy since we got back from Virginia so it'll be nice to relax for a little bit!  I'm looking forward to hanging out in our hotel room while Eliot is over at his conference.  I'm planning to get caught up on a few blog posts and to read a little.  We made sure to find an inexpensive hotel that also had an indoor pool so we can go swimming at night.  I'm bringing a few board games with us, and we might even have a movie night watching Disney+ on our computers!

Both Eliot and I are looking forward to going to Six Flags.  They have a deal where you can purchase your season passes for next summer and you get the rest of this year free.  I think that's what we're going to do!  Eliot will have a blast on the rollercoasters and I'm looking forward to getting myself a sweet treat while I wait for him!  

I'm most excited to visit the Yankee Candle Village while we're in Massachusetts.  I love going there to look at all of the Christmas villages.  They also have a great selection of Jim Shore pieces.  It will be a great place to get ideas for Christmas gifts!  

It's sure to be a fun getaway and I'm sure Eliot and I will have a great time no matter what we do!  Plus, we might have time to visit a few other places while we're away.  I'll be sure to give you a recap once we're home again!!!  °o°

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