Sunday, October 3, 2021

WDW 50th New Nighttime Shows

It's Sunday Fun Day so today I wanted to keep my at home Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration going!  One of the things that was most anticipated about the 50th anniversary were the new nighttime shows at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  I thought I'd share the videos of those new shows and give you our first impressions.

Both Photos Renderings from Disney

The first new show to debut was Epcot's new "HarmonioUS" spectacular.  The show includes Disney images, Disney music in multiple different languages, large floating set pieces, custom-built LED panels, choreographed moving fountains, lights, pyrotechnics and lasers.  The story of the show illustrates how "Disney music and stories have the power to inspire and unit us all, overcoming any language or border."

Photo Source

Eliot and I really enjoyed this show.  I thought it was visually stunning.  I loved how all of the Disney songs were in different languages.  The story in this show was pretty easy to follow too.  The Disney video footage (which is no longer available on YouTube to share) showed the show from multiple views so you could see Spaceship Earth in the background.  But it was sometimes hard to see the LED images shown on the barges.  The view from the video below is better for seeing the images!  Enjoy!

The other new nighttime show that debuted for the 50th was the "Disney Enchantment" fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.  This new fireworks show includes Disney music, enhanced lighting, projection mapping on Cinderella Castle and pyrotechnics.  For the first time, it also includes projection mapping all the way down Main Street USA.  The story of the show is to inspire everyone to believe in the power of magic inside of us.

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I have a lot of mixed feelings about this addition.  The show itself is beautiful.  The projections, the music and the overall visuals are all stunning.  The message of the show and the song about the magic living inside of us is beautiful and something that I really resonate to.  It's no Happily Ever After, but it was a good fireworks show.  

However, this show felt like a total miss for the moment.  There's absolutely no mention of Walt Disney, Roy Disney, Mickey Mouse or anything related to the park.  To me, this feels like the show that should have debuted after the 50th Celebration ended.  Disney Enchantment doesn't feel like a show meant for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Walt Disney World.  The fireworks show "Disneyland Forever" at Disneyland for the 60th anniversary was a beautiful tribute to the park, Walt and to his imagination.  This show doesn't even mention him.  And that fact alone overwhelmingly disappoints me.

Photo Source

While I have a few reservations about both shows, I know Disney has to keep moving forward.  I'm trying not to form any longterm opinions until I see them in person.  I'm sure it will be different seeing both shows live.  I'm really looking forward to seeing Harmonious.  I'm sure that one is going to completely dazzle me!  And I'm willing to give Disney Enchantment a chance... even if it misses the 50th anniversary mark.  I can't wait to get the full experience the next time we visit!

Happ50tAnniversarWalDisneWorld!!!  °o° 

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