Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Fall 2021 Sewing Class Begins

This morning was the beginning of my Fall 2021 Sewing Class!  I have been looking forward to this day since my last class this spring!

All summer, I've been trying to figure out what I wanted to do for my project(s) for this fall.  My instructor emailed me last week asking what I wanted to do so I did a bit of thinking.  I told her I'd be interested in making table runners, placemats, scrunchies, and an infinity scarf.  I'm also planning to tag along with the beginners when they make pillowcases at the end of class.  I still want to make some decorative pillowcases for our master bedroom and now I have the fabric for them!

I would also love to make a gathered skirt, but that might make more sense to tackle in the spring session.  I'm not sure if my instructor knows how to sew a zipper, so that might take both of us some learning before trying to attempt a skirt!  I have so many custom fabrics with border prints that I'd love to make a gathered skirt out of! 

My plush dolphin from my Spring 2021 class took me most of the session to cut, sew and finish.  This session, I'd like to make a bunch of things over the 8 weeks.  From now until the end of November, I'm expecting to make a bunch of projects!

Unfortunately, they didn't have enough people to run the afternoon class again.  (One person did sign up, but they moved her into our morning class.)  I had been hoping to double up so I could use the time in the afternoon session to work on some of my incomplete projects.  I never did finish my valences for our living room and my tote bags over the summer.  I guess I'll have to see how this class shakes out.  Maybe I'll have time... but if not, I'm going to make a gallant effort to do them this winter! 

For our first class, I ended up making a small scrunchie from some scrap Disney Dooney and Burke fabric that I had on hand.  I'm planning to start class off by making placemats with strips of different fabrics but I decided to wait on using my Christmas fabric jelly rolls.  Instead, I'll probably go back to Joann to get the rainbow fabric roll that I found this evening.  Those colors will look great in our dining room!

One thing is certain, I've got plenty of projects to keep me busy and learning this fall session!  I'm so excited to see what I can accomplish over the next eight weeks!!!  °o°

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