Thursday, October 14, 2021

#tbt Celebrating 44 Years at Magic Kingdom

Today, I thought I'd do a quick Throwback Thursday post.  With all of the celebrating of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary, it's got me thinking about the year Eliot and I were able to be there in person to celebrate WDW on it's 44th Anniversary.  

Eliot and I were at the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 2015 after my KeyCon 2015 conference at Universal.  It wasn't planned, and it actually took me longer that it should have to realize that our add-on days at Disney would coincide with the anniversary. 

When I realized the date, we decided that we wanted to celebrate the occasion.  Eliot and I went to get birthday buttons and spent the day wearing them to celebrate.  I had to chuckle every time a cast member said "Happy Birthday!" before reading it.  Many cast members and guests said they liked our buttons throughout the day.

Unfortunately, Disney didn't do anything really exciting to mark the occasion, but Eliot and I were content knowing that we were there in person to wish the Magic Kingdom a Happy Birthday.  We took a few minutes at Cinderella Castle to soak it all in and take some photos.  The sky was so blue and beautiful.  Plus, no one was in front of us so we got great pictures of the castle in all her glory!

Hopefully, we'll be able to celebrate the anniversary in person again someday!!!  °o°

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