Wednesday, October 7, 2015

KeyCon 2015

Hello Friends!  Eliot and I are officially back in the "real" world.  We returned to Maine mid-afternoon on Monday, before falling into bed from exhaustion.  We had an amazing time at Universal, Walt Disney World and especially at KeyCon 2015!

I had so much fun last week.  KeyCon 2014 was an incredible experience and KeyCon 2015 definitely lived up to it's predecessor.  Once again, I found myself home alone (while Eliot was at work) going through my 100+ Facebook notifications.  They were mostly posts from my KTTW friends from the trip.  The biggest difference between this year and last?  This year I'm not feeling so lonely post-trip.

Don't get me wrong, I already miss my Key to the World family.  In fact, I missed them as soon as I said goodbye.  But this year, they don't seem so far away.  A few of my new KTTW friends live here in Maine.  There are a few more agents in New England and we're planning to get together sometime.  A few of my closest KTTW friends live near Chicago, and I'm hoping to meet up with them while Eliot and I are attending a wedding there in December.  Plus, the year in between KeyCon 2014 and 2015 went by incredibly fast.  I'm counting on KeyCon 2016 to arrive in a similar fashion.

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun it was.  Not only did we enjoy each other's company during our scheduled meeting times, but we went out to dinner and hung out together every single night at Universal.  I also had breakfast at Be Our Guest and dinner at O'Hana with a few of my closest KTTW friends at Disney.  We all had so much fun together last year that we planned our trip so we could spend a little bit of extra time together at Disney World.

The official KeyCon meetings were awesome.  I had a blast exploring Universal and Islands of Adventure in our "houses".  I had a great time with team Slytherin.  We embraced our evil sides and shared a lot of laughs.  We really enjoyed our tour of the Universal Resorts.  I learned a lot from our Universal presentation.  We had a great session on the Disney Cruise Line and Disneyland.  I especially enjoyed the social media session from Shannon of WDW Prep School.  The quiz sessions were so much fun.  Team Slytherin really got into the competition and while we might not have won the House Cup, we did win overall in the quiz sessions.  My favorite part of KeyCon was experiencing all of this with friends who feel more like family.

I'm so grateful to Heather and Jeff for starting Key to the World Travel and for welcoming me aboard their team two years ago.  Jeff, Heather and Cheryl have created an amazing company that's not only great to work for, but it's also incredibly fun.  I love helping people plan their dream vacations and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with.

I'm also thankful for my amazing KTTW family.  Eliot was sick during most of KeyCon and everyone continued to ask me how he was feeling.  When Eliot was finally feeling better, he joined us for dinner and drinks and was welcomed with open arms.  He fit right in and really enjoyed meeting everyone.  Honestly, I think he's just as excited as me for our next KeyCon adventure.

Which brings me to next year... KeyCon 2016, or rather SeaCon 2016, is only 357 days away.  The countdown to the next KTTW adventure has officially begun!!!  °o°

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