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Results- WDW Fall 2015 Trip Bucket List

As you can see from my post Sunday, my Universal bucket list went quite well.  My Walt Disney World bucket list didn't do quite as well, but I'm still happy with all of the things Eliot and I accomplished in only four days at the parks.  Here are the results:

Melissa's WDW Fall 2015 Trip Bucket List

°o°  Attend Fall Dapper Day (Our first time!)
Ugh, this is a terrible way to start my bucket list off.  After making an announcement that we'd be at Dapper Day, Eliot and I never made it over there.  We were at Epcot Saturday morning, and suddenly realized by the time we went to our hotel, changed and got over to Hollywood Studios, we would have missed the meet up at the Chinese Theater.  While I was a little disappointed, our outfits weren't up to par anyways.  Eliot and I saw plenty of other dapper people and we've decided that if we're going to do it, we're going to do it right.  Thankfully, he's completely game for next time!

°o°  Go to O’Hana with my Key to the World friends again
This was so much fun.  We'd planned to go to dinner after KeyCon and Eliot wasn't planning on joining us.  (He doesn't like most of the food on the menu.)  However, they let him sit at the table and order a drink instead!  I'm so glad we got to spend one more fun dinner with my closest KTTW friends.  They really are my ohana.

°o°  Breakfast at Be Our Guest
Eliot and I also enjoyed having breakfast with my KTTW friends at Be Our Guest.  We had lunch there on our honeymoon but we haven't been since.  Breakfast was pretty good.  I also really enjoyed sitting in the ballroom this time!

°o°  Order a Glowy Drink
I finally got another glowy drink!  When we were at Ohana, I enjoyed another Blue Glowtini.  My glowing ice cube collection grows once more!

°o°  Go on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
We still didn't get on the mine train ride.  Eliot tried to get us FastPasses for it, but that didn't pan out.  Next trip, we're going to set up the FastPass for this way in advance.  I'm not too disappointed though.  We'll get on it eventually!

°o°  Check out the Food and Wine Festival
I did enjoy checking out some of the Food and Wine Festival booths.  But sadly, I didn't get to eat any food this year.  I caught Eliot's cold our last day at Universal.  My throat was killing me and my food already didn't taste right.  It didn't seem worth it to stand in those long lines when I could barely taste the food anyways.

°o°  Attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP)
This is always one of my favorites!  Eliot and I went to MNSSHP our last night at Walt Disney World.  It was a great end to the trip.  We got pictures with characters, we enjoyed the parade and fireworks (which are our favorites) and we got plenty of candy.

°o°  Buy something special for our new house
I found a ton of ideas for our new house.  I didn't go too crazy buying things this trip, but I did get a few new art pieces for our new house!  (More on that below.)

°o°  Go on the Characters In Flight Hot Air Balloon
We barely spent any time at Disney Springs this trip and we prioritized since we were only there for four days.  The Characters In Flight Hot Air Balloon didn't make the cut.

°o°  Get a Picture with Duffy (He’s left WDW!)
Since Duffy was leaving Epcot, this was very high on our priority list.  So high in fact, that I had Eliot ask multiple cast members what day was his last.  We stood in line with many other Duffy lovers to get one last visit in with our favorite teddy bear.  The line for Duffy was longer than any of the other characters lines I saw my entire trip.  I was incredibly sad to say goodbye, but Duffy had a great send off. 

°o°  See the new Hocus Pocus Show at MNSSHP
This show was awesome.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it.  I loved Hocus Pocus and it's my favorite Halloween movie.  The Sanderson sisters joined some of our favorite Disney villains to create a spooktacular show.  I hope it's going to be around for many more Halloween parties.

°o°  Look in WonderGround and in the Disney art stores
I did not get to WonderGround this trip, but I did check out the art stores at Epcot and at the Magic Kingdom.  I will definitely make sure to check out WonderGround next trip!

°o°  Do Hollywood Studio Favorites (shows)
Eliot and I spent a lot of time at Hollywood Studios.  We made sure to go see Beauty and the Beast, Indiana Jones and Lights, Motors, Action!  We made sure to walk through One Man's Dream one last time, just in case.  We also just barely got in to see the Frozen Sing Along.  Unfortunately, I didn't get in to see the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.  Hopefully it won't be gone the next time we go.

°o°  Go to the Water Park(s)
This wasn't even a thought this trip.  As much as I really wanted to go to the water parks, I was so sick during our Walt Disney World trip that it didn't seem worth it.

°o°  Get a picture with a new character
Eliot and I got a few photos with new characters during MNSSHP.  We got our photo with Tinker Bell, Captain Jack Sparrow, Aladdin and Abu and with talking Mickey!  I was so excited to get a picture with Captain Jack Sparrow.  I love pirates!  Talking Mickey was really cool too!  He was interactive and it was so much fun.

°o°  Check out the Halloween & Christmas Merchandise 
I looked at the Halloween merchandise multiple times since it was everywhere.  Eliot and I didn't see as much Christmas merchandise since it's too early for that.  However, we did go into the Christmas shop in Liberty Square so I could look around.

°o°  Explore Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney)
Eliot and I didn't spend much time in Disney Springs this trip, but we did do a little exploring.  We went to Disney Springs with a few of my KTTW friends after having dinner at Ohana.  We parked in the new parking garage.  We took a quick peek in Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar.  We saw the amphicars parked for the night outside of the Boathouse restaurant.  We also went into the Boathouse to explore really quickly.  I'm looking forward to checking out more of Disney Springs next trip!

°o°  Buy a character candy apple and yummy sweet treats
I bought a candy apple and a marshmallow stick while at MNSSHP.  I ate it the other night and it's the perfect way to bring some Disney magic home.  Eliot and I also had plenty of treats during the trip- marshmallow sticks, rice krispies, ice cream, etc.

°o°  Collect Walt Disney World Pressed Coins
Eliot and I did a few pressed penny machines.  We didn't get a map before this trip, so it was more of us finding coins of characters and rides we enjoy.  There are penny machines everywhere at Walt Disney World.  Thankfully, there is a map online, so before our next trip, we'll try to have more of a plan of attack.  

°o°  Get My Name Painted in Princess Letters
This wasn't even an option.  I assumed that since you could do it at Disneyland, you could also get a print made at Walt Disney World.  Apparently, not the case.  I'm a little bit disappointed, but I can always have Eliot's family get one for me!  Or I'll wait until our next trip!  I'll get one for my new office eventually!

As with most trips, we also had a few experiences I wasn't expecting:

°o°  Meet Captain Jack Sparrow
I mentioned this above, but it deserves a little more explanation.  I've always wanted to get a picture with Captain Jack but I'm never around when he comes out.  There's always the option to get a picture during a Run Disney event, but his line is always the longest.  I'm so excited we got a picture with him at MNSSHP!!!

°o°  Meet Larry Dotson
This is another case of really good timing!  Larry is another one of my favorite Disney artists.  He makes beautiful paintings of the landscapes around the parks and Disney resorts.  He also created a Frozen painting that I've been admiring for a year and a half.  Lucky for us, Larry was at the Art of Disney store in Epcot during our trip!  Not only did I get the Frozen print I've wanted, but we also got his Wedding Pavilion print, he signed both of them and we got to talk to him for a few minutes!

°o°  Meet Casey from Park Bound Buttons
I love Parkbound Buttons and I've placed two orders over the past few years.  (And I'm positive I'll be placing many more.)  I follow Casey on Instagram, and I saw a girl that looked like her at the Magic Kingdom.  I quickly jumped on my Instagram, saw she was at the park and realized I was right!  It was her!  I went over to say hi and Casey was so sweet.  She gave me two buttons: one saying that I met her, and then she gave me the option of picking one from her bag!  I ended up getting the Boo To You one I had planned to buy, but it was sold out when I went to purchase it.  Thanks Casey!

°o°  Find Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop
This should have been on my original bucket list since I've been dying to see the shi since I found out about it.  Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop is on the Streets of America at Hollywood Studios.  I'm a huge fan of ABC's Once Upon A Time; I was so pumped to see this!  I enjoyed examining all of the props in the window.  Emma's unicorn baby mobile was my favorite.  We also took a few pictures of me with the sign!  Yay!!!

°o°  Celebrate the Magic Kingdom's Birthday at the Magic Kingdom
In all of the craziness over the past month, I totally lost sight of the fact that we'd be visiting Walt Disney World during the Magic Kingdom's birthday!  Someone had a birthday button on and it hit me like a ton of bricks!  Eliot and I had a blast spending most of October 1st at the Magic Kingdom and it was magical.  I can't wait for 6 more years when we're planning to be there to celebrate the park's 50th anniversary!!!

°o°  See Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights
Finally, I was excited that I could experience part of one of my favorites at Disney, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  This is the last year of the light show, and I'm very sad that I won't be able to see them one last time.  However, this was a nice consolation prize.  Some of the lights were already up.  Eliot and I took pictures of a few of the displays.  I was the crazy lady taking pictures with the Christmas light displays in the beginning of October.  I took a picture with my favorite- Mickey and Santa shaking hands.  Goodbye Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.  I really hope Disney finds another place for you to call home.

This was definitely a whirlwind Disney trip, but it was a lot of fun.  I'm so thankful for our annual passports and all of the fun we've had with them over the past year!  I can't wait to see what the next year of annual passes has in store for us!  °o°

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