Saturday, October 10, 2015

Designing Interiors

Being back from our coast to coast adventure means it's time to buckle down back home!  Eliot and I had no intentions of buying a house between trips, but we couldn't let a great opportunity slip by!  We fell in love with our house and we're happy it's ours!

We've been very busy preparing the house for our move in a few weeks!  Before our Florida trip, we started to clean it and select paint colors for our offices.  We're Disney fans through and through, so naturally we had to see what colors Wal-Mart had in their Glidden Disney collection.  

Eliot ended up selecting Mickey's Park and Sulley's Fur for his office.  His walls will all be the Sulley's Fur turquoise with one wall as Mickey's Park lime green for an accent.

I chose a Glidden paint color that wasn't an official Disney paint color for my office.  I selected Very Violet, which is similar to Rapunzel's lavender dress color.  The Disney paint purples were all a warmer and deeper tone; I wanted something more blue toned so it would match the other cooler tones in our house.

Before we left for Florida, my cousin Lucas and his wife Rachel helped us put the first coat of paint on our office walls.  The next night, Luke came back and helped Eliot and me with the second coat.  We love how they turned out!  I think it's going to look great with our office furniture and decor!

Now, we're getting more rooms ready for our big move!  We've finished Eliot's accent wall and are selecting paint colors for the other rooms in the house.  We're also hoping to get the ceilings and trim re-painted in most of the rooms prior to our move.  

Eliot and I will be moving a few things over to the new house today and tomorrow.  The following weekend, my parents are planning on coming down to help move a few things and paint some more.  We've pushed the official "big move" back to Halloween weekend so we'd have more time to paint, clean and prepare the house!  It's a little bit overwhelming, but we've got a detailed plan so that definitely makes it less daunting!  

The next few weeks are going to be incredibly busy, but also very exciting!  Hopefully, I'll be able to stop by to say hi in between trips to the new house!  We're on a pretty tight schedule, but I'm determined to make my new goal of 120 blog posts!  °o°


  1. Have fun making the house your home

    1. Thank you! It's been fun so far! I'll be sure to post more pictures once we've painted more of the rooms! :-)