Monday, October 26, 2015

Moving Forward

Whew, I'm certainly glad last week is behind me.  I know everyone has their ups and downs, but last week really stunk big time!  Thankfully, things are looking up at the house.  I'm back to being excited about our big move next weekend!  By this time next week, we'll be officially living in our new house!

We've been busy moving forward with projects around the house.  I had a conference for work most of the weekend, but I was able to meet Eliot there Friday night and Sunday afternoon for some super productive work time.  After seeing how much we accomplished, I'm feeling a lot better about it!

Eliot's finished most of the master bedroom painting.  There are a few places we need to repair the drywall tape.  (My Dad is going to help me with that on Friday.)  Eliot also touched up the ceiling paint in the master bedroom.

I painted the ceiling of our larger guest bedroom.  I also worked on finishing Eliot's office.  There are a few places where we needed to touch up the ceiling and re-paint where the lime green accent wall meets the turquoise walls.  The room's not quite finished, but it's a lot less daunting now.

Eliot and I also started working on our master bathroom last night.  He's painted the ceiling and we put one coat of turquoise on the walls.  He put three coats of yellow over the tan and it's still not working.  The new plan is to paint the accent wall white and then go back in with the yellow.  Unfortunately, it was pretty late last night by the time we painted the turquoise and we didn't think to take pictures of it!

Finally, I worked on touching up the ceiling of my office.  It's really hard to see the white painted on white once it's dark out.  I have a little bit more of the wall to touch up, and then my office will officially be done!  I'm so excited to start moving things into it!

We're really liking the colors so far!  Eliot and I love fun bright colors and I'm so excited for our house to reflect our personalities!  My aunt and uncle swung by our house the other day (when we weren't there) and they peeked into the windows.  My Mom told me that my aunt said it definitely looked like we lived there with all of the Mickey and Disney stuff in the living room!  It's not home without a little bit of magic!!!  °o°

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