Monday, October 19, 2015

House Updates

I'm back from my short weekend break!  It's been a busy few days, but we had a really productive weekend at our house!  Things are starting to come together and we've slowly been moving more of our things over there!  Here's a quick update:

Of course, it wouldn't be our "home" without a few Disney touches.  Eliot went over there a few days ago while I was at work and put our Halloween Mickey and Minnie inflatables up.  It was a nice surprise to see them in the front yard.  I love having a little bit of holiday cheer even though we're in the middle of our move!

My parents and Nana came down to help us over the weekend.  My brother Jeremy also drove up from New Hampshire on Saturday to help our for the afternoon.  Mom and Jeremy moved a lot of our holiday decoration containers from the garage down to the basement.  I talked to Nana about getting her help with some handmade valences while she enjoyed the sunshine in our dining room from her comfy chair.  Throughout the weekend, I was the floater and I shuttled between everyone helping wherever they needed it.  I definitely got a work out running up and down the stairs!

My Dad and Eliot did the bulk of the dirty work.  Our plan was to paint as much of the second floor as possible before we had the carpet cleaners come today.  Dad painted the ceiling of my office, Eliot's office and our master bedroom.  Eliot did a final coat of the accent wall in his office.  He also did a first coat of paint over most of the master bedroom.  (He had a little too much fun painting Mickeys with the left over paint!)

I'm so glad that our offices are basically done.  They look like they're right out of a Disney movie- specifically Monsters Inc.  We didn't plan it, but the purple of my office plus the turquoise and lime of Eliot's remind both of us of Mike and Sulley!

Our master bedroom is coming along nicely.  We both love the minty aqua color that I picked out for the walls.  It will go great with the comforter we chose!  The color is both beautiful and calming.  I can't wait to see it when it's all set up!

Finally, I ordered curtain panels for my office.  JCPenney was having an awesome Columbus Day sale last week.  While I was online ordering our comforter, I found some beautiful blue curtains that I thought would look great with my lavender purple walls.  I can't wait to get them so I can put them in my office!  °o°

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