Saturday, October 2, 2021

Small Shop Saturday: Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Products

Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary is finally here!  One of the things that I've been most looking forward to was all of the merchandise.  I absolutely love the blue, purple and iridescent color scheme!  Disney has great merchandise, but I've also found some great items from small shops!  If you're looking for a way to celebrate with a special outfit and accessories, I've found a bunch of fun options!  I've also found some stickers and a few art prints that would be great decor pieces!  Let's check them out!

WDW 50th Anniversary Dress- I had to start off by showing you my absolute favorite handmade find for the 50th.  I am obsessed with Mickey and Minnie's outfits and this gorgeous dress by Fairy Godmom Fashion is perfection!!!  I absolutely adore it!!!

WDW 50th Bracelet Stack- I love these cute bracelets from Tiffy's Craft Creations. The colors are perfect to match with all of the other 50th merchandise available!

WDW 50th Mickey and Minnie Candy Apple Magic Band Charms-  These candy apple charms by Space Mouse Shop are a great way to add a little sweet treat to your day.  Also, they don't count towards any daily calories!

WDW 50th Mickey and Minnie Art Print- I think this cute art print from By Justin Time Designs is the perfect way to remember the celebration.  I think I might get a print to put with the rest of the 50th merchandise we're sure to accumulate.

WDW 50th Nuimo Outfits- If your small Nuimo friends need a bit of festive cheer, these adorable outfits by Broken Heart Therapy are perfect!  I love how cute the little Mickey and Minnie Nuimo plush are in their 50th celebration outfits!

I'm Celebrating 50 Years of Magic Button- This button by Walker Creatives US gets straight to the point, we're all coming to celebrate 50 magical years!!!

WDW 50th Anniversary Bow- I really love this bow by Dream Love and Bows.  The colors are bright and fun- just like the 50th colors!  Plus, the 50th medallion in the center looks just like the centerpiece on Cinderella Castle!

WDW 50th Anniversary Charm Bracelet- If you love Alex and Ani style bracelets, this charm bracelet from Corner Craft Shop will look great on your bracelet stack!

WDW 50th Castle Sticker- This sticker by Alexa Redhead Designs is a perfect match to the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary logo.  I might get one for my scrapbook!

Mickey and Minnie 50th Button- I like the simplicity of this button from Clubhouse Buttons.  It has Mickey, Minnie, fireworks, the 50th castle logo and says Walt Disney World on it... what more do you need?

WDW 50th Anniversary Character Stickers- These character stickers by Ariel Marie Treasures are absolutely adorable.  I love the characters' 50th outfits.  These will also look great on my scrapbook pages for the 50th anniversary.

WDW 50th Knotted Headband- I love this 50th headband by Thingamabows.  I have bought a few other headbands from this company and I love them!

WDW 50th Earrings- I love these simple 50th anniversary earrings by Empire Artz.

WDW 50th Anniversary Minnie Ear Earrings- I also had to share these earrings by Empire Artz.  I love the little Minnie Mouse ears and 50th bling!

WDW 50th Mickey Passholder Sticker- So many small shops have made their own variations of the passholder stickers that Walt Disney World gives out.  These Mickey stickers from My Party Studio Shop are perfect for the 50th!

Celebrating 50 Magical Ears Shirt- There are so many shirts that it's impossible to show them all.  I really liked this shirt by Create and Ship because it was simple and it used the font from Tangled on the bottom text!

WDW 50th Anniversary Stickers- These stickers by A and C Accessories Shop are also fun!  There are a bunch of different designs to choose from!

WDW 50th Cinderella Castle Print- I love this print by Hey Lissa Love.  I've followed Melissa on Instagram for a few years now and I love her style.  I'd like to think that Cinderella Castle was smiling and happy about her makeover and sparkly 50th decor!

Most Magical Celebration Necklace- Finally, I found this gorgeous necklace from Two Park Princesses.  While they're not on Etsy, I had to share this fun find!  Right now, the necklace is currently sold out, but keep an eye out for a restock!  I have this necklace and it's absolutely beautiful and perfect for the 50th celebration!!! 

These small shop finds are sure to give you some extra pep in your step while you celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary celebration!  I love the shades of purples, blues, and pinks and the shimmer of iridescent sparkles.  Plus, what's a 50th anniversary without a little bit of gold!  If these aren't to your taste, keep an eye out for more handmade treasures.  I'm sure more things will be showing up throughout the 18 month celebration- including new ear designs from yours truly!

Happ50tAnniversarWalDisneWorld!!!  °o° 

Please Note: Eliot and I are not affiliated with any of these shops and we won't earn anything if you purchase something from this post.  I just wanted to spread a little bit of magical good will by sharing some stuff that I love from Etsy!  I know how much it means to small shops for their stuff to be shared.  All of these items are literally things that I picked off of my own Etsy favorites list!  

All of these photos belong to the shop in which I've shared them from.  If you link them from this post, please attach them to their corresponding Etsy shop!

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