Friday, December 9, 2016

Fun Find: Disney Magic Holiday

Hi friends!  It's been a busy week, and going to be another busy weekend here in the Cady household.  But, before I enter the zone of ear making, I wanted to share a quick Fun Find Friday with you!  I've been waiting to share this for a few weeks, and now it finally feels like it's an appropriate time!  This year, Lowe's is carrying a special Disney Christmas lights collection called Disney Magic Holiday!

I'd heard about them online, and of course Eliot and I were anxious to see them in person.  We went to our Lowe's store back in mid-October to find this stunning display.

I absolutely love this entire collection and am hoping we'll be able to add some items to our Christmas Light collection for next year!  Here are a few of my personal favorites:

I love this Countdown to Christmas.  It would be perfect to project on our garage!

I absolutely love this Neon Mickey Mouse Sculpture!

And of course, I love the Neon Minnie Mouse Sculpture!

This little Olaf Sculpture is really cute too!

I totally have a thing about street lamps, so I was really excited when the collection included this Pre-Lit Lamp Post Sculpture.  It projects little Mickeys inside the top!

This Pre-Lit Tree Sculpture is really cute too!  However, I wish the Mickey lights were on the outside of the Christmas tree instead of the inside!

I love these pastel colored LED Mickey Lights

Lowe's also has these bright colored Mickey LED Lights!

There are also icicle lights, regular Christmas lights and light nets in the collection.  (I'm obviously more partial to the Mickey shaped stuff though!)  In addition to those, there are a few more designs that are sold in stores, but appear to be sold out online.  My favorite of those designs was the swirling Mickey Mouse protections!  (You can see the video I took of these lights in action here.)

I don't know about you, but Eliot and I are always looking to add a little bit of Disney magic to our Christmas light display.  These are on our Christmas wish list, and I'm sure we'll be going to Lowe's right after Christmas to see if they're on sale!  °o°


  1. Love these lights!! So cute!!

    monorails & mickey tales

    1. Thank you Monorails and Mickey Tales! I thought they were really cute too. Hopefully we'll have a few of our own for next year!!! ;-)