Friday, December 23, 2016

Flashback Friday: Chrismukkah Edition

Happy Chrismukkah!  Eliot and I love to celebrate both of our holidays, and this year it truly will be "Chrismukkah" as Hanukkah starts on Christmas Eve.  In honor of them colliding, I thought I'd do a special Flashback Friday.  Since we're still getting our house situated, we didn't get a changed to decorate.  (Boo!)  I wanted to share pictures of our decorations from the past so you can see what's in store when we finally can decorate.

These pictures are from my apartment in Marlborough, MA.  This was from Christmas 2008, my first few months out of college, when I was unemployed and when I lived alone in a one bedroom apartment.  I had plenty of time to decorate.  And I had a blast!

Wall-E was Eliot's and my big obsession back in 2008.  Eliot got the large robot and I found a few smaller ones.  I made a Hanukkah display with one Wall-E holding the blue Christmas lights and the other one getting ready to light the menorah.

I also decorated my kitchen.  I made the decorations for my cupboards.  If you look closely you can also spot a "little chef" near the stove!!!

This gingerbread Mickey and Minnie snow globe was my gift from Eliot.  This was our first Christmas dating and wanted to get me something special.  I absolutely love it!

Finally, Tinker Bell in a Santa style dress used to be my Christmas tree topper.  I was so excited to get her from the Disney Store.  She still works, but since she's made with fiber optics, we don't light her up as often.  I don't want the fiber optics in her to die!

These next pictures are all from Eliot's and my apartment in Woburn, MA.  We moved in together when Eliot was finishing up college and we had a beautiful two bedroom apartment with a loft.  These pictures are all from Hanukkah/Christmas 2010. 

This is the first year I went all out with Hanukkah decorations.  I had a lot of them, and we had them everywhere.  I had window clings on all of the windows.  I found Winnie the Pooh with a dreidel at a local craft fair.  Of course, I had to get him!

These little Mickey, Minnie, Stitch and Eeyore snowballs were cute to add to the blue and silver Hanukkah vibe.  I love the Mickey Hanukkah banner that I found on eBay.

I got snowflake Tigger from the Disney Store.  Then, Build-A-Bear had the kippah (or yarmulke) and the tallit as a set.  I bought a few of them and was thrilled when it fit! 

Then, when it was time for Christmas a few weeks later... it looked like Christmas exploded in our apartment.  It was great!  Our bright red couch fit right in...

We put a ton of our Disney Christmas plush on it.  Most of these are the ones that Eliot bought himself.  He loves Eeyore and Stitch!  I really love how I had the idea to put our Grumpy and Tinker Bell Santa hats on the throw pillows!

Of course, we always have plenty of Mickey and Minnie plushies around!

This is Eliot's little table of Christmas Eeyore plush.

Here's our Christmas tree of mostly Disney ornaments.  On the counter, you can see my Cinderella Castle figure and the singing Tigger Jeremy got me one year.

This is our side table.  I love the little Mickey and Minnie plush.  This is the only time I've put up my Toontown Christmas Village.  It took me for-ev-er to track all the pieces down on eBay, and I paid a pretty penny for it.  I'm looking forward to it making it's grand re-appearance next year!

We added a little pizazz to the television area with a bunch of my Tigger plush.

Then, the rest of my Christmas Tiggers were placed on the stairway to the loft.

Here's a better view of our light up Disney lamp post.

I really loved having the open stairway to decorate!  I had so much fun hanging all of the stockings!  Plus, at the top of the stairs, I put Santa and his reindeer on display on the half wall of the loft.  (Eliot bought me all 9 of them for Christmas one year.)

Finally, here's my Mickey Wreath advent calendar that we bought at Walt Disney World years ago.  I'm so excited to countdown to Christmas next year!!!

As you can see, we have a lot of fun holiday stuff!  (And this isn't even all of it...)  Yet, another year goes by without having any of our holiday decorations out.  I won't lie, I'm a bit bummed out.  But, that only makes me more motivated to finish unpacking and painting the house!  I'm really hoping we can go all out next year!  It will be our own Chrismukkah Disney Winter Wonderland!!!  °o°


  1. What fun! Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

    1. Thank you so much!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!!! :-)