Sunday, December 11, 2016

Moana Merchandise

The other day, I told you how much I loved Disney's newest movie, Moana.  Of course, Eliot and I love our Disney collection, and I was more than willing to start adding some Moana merchandise to the mix!  Here are the Moana items we've gotten so far:

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Before the movie was even released, I bought a shirt from the Disney Store.  I was afraid they'd sell out of it shortly after the movie was released, and I originally planned to wear it to the movie.  We went straight to the movie after Thanksgiving, so I wasn't able to change into it, but I did wear it when Eliot and I went to see it the second time!

On the Saturday that we picked Sara up from the airport, I went to Hot Topic to get this bow. I'd seen it online and knew it was perfect to wear with my shirt!

Of course, I told you how Jeremy got me Pua and Hei Hei as my birthday gift.

After my birthday lunch, we went to the mall and found these Moana Pop Vinyl figures at FYE.  The store is closing and everything was 30% off, so I got all three of them!

I mentioned how both Elissa and I bought the Moana soundtrack on Black Friday during our trip down to Boston.  It's been in my car CD player nonstop since then.

I also mentioned getting a book at Barnes and Noble prior to that.  What I didn't tell you was that it was this Art of Moana book!  It was on the sale table for 50% off!  And, I ended up getting it for only $13.50 after using one of Sara's Black Friday coupons!

I saw this Moana ornament at Walmart when I was looking at ornaments for my Christmas ornament exchange.  I had to add her to our collection.

Then, when Eliot and I were at Hot Topic with Elissa the other day, I got these Moana socks in a moment of weakness.  (But they're super cute and Pua!!!)

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When the three of us went to Target, I found this Moana reusable bag for only $1.

I also found a few Pua Tsum Tsums.  Let's just say we left with 3- one for each of us.

Up until now, that's all the Moana stuff we've bought thus far.  However, I do plan on purchasing the rest of the Moana Tsum Tsum set.  Although, a few are already sold out, so I might willingly resort to going on eBay... I guess we'll see.

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Plus, I did put the new Moana dress from Hot Topic on my Christmas wish list... it's only a matter of time before Eliot and I add more items from the newest Disney princess to our growing Disney collection!  I hope you enjoyed seeing the merchandise we've found so far.  If you did, "what can I say except you're welcome."  °o°


  1. You must be so much fun to go shopping with :) The Hallmark stores also have Moana and Maui Itty Bitties-they are limited editions and are adorable!

    1. Hehe, thanks! I'm sure my wallet would beg to differ though. ;-) We like to have fun. Yes! The Moana and Maui itty bittys are on my list. I'll probably go raid my local Hallmark store after Christmas. I also put a few Disney Hallmark items on my Christmas wish list! :-)