Thursday, December 2, 2021

#tbt 2010 Hanukkah Decor

Happy Thursday!  Today, I wanted to continue with my Throwback Thursday posts to when I decorated our apartment back in 2010.  (If you've missed my other posts, you can read about our Halloween and Thanksgiving posts at those links.)  For today's stroll down memory lane, we're taking a look at our Hanukkah decorations!

I don't have a ton of Hanukkah items, but I'm pleased with my collection thus far.  This was the first year that I went all out with Hanukkah decorations as it was Eliot's and my first time living under the same roof and celebrating the holidays together.

He had a few menorahs on his side table.

I put my other menorah and a sliver gift box on my side table.

Our Eiffel Tower light got a little winter hat that came off of an extra Tigger plush.

Our storage wall had a few decorations on it.

You can see that Eliot and I went a little crazy at Build-A-Bear getting Hanukkah stuff.

I put a few beanie plush and my mini menorah on our DVD storage.

Here's a view of our living room looking towards our porch.

I put a bunch of Hanukkah window clings in our porch window.

Here's a view of our stairs from the dining room.

I put Hanukkah Mickey lights on our stair railing.  Here's a close up of the Mickey light.

I modified an extra winter Tigger into a Hanukkah Tigger by adding a Build-A-Bear set. 

Tigger is ready for Hanukkah dressed up in his kippah and his tallit.

I just love all of the little details in our decor.

At the time, I didn't have any Hanukkah kitchen items but I still tried to decorate the best I could.  I put a garland over the kitchen window.  Then, I added window clings.

Here's the first window all decorated.

I love how Remi fits the decor and he's so cute in the window!

Here's the decals on the second window.

I also tried to decorate our dining room as best as I could.  All of the windows got some window clings and I decorated the table.

Here's a close up of the table.  (We have a lot more table decor and dinnerware now!)

I also decorated our entryway.

The bookcase had another menorah along with our little Disney snowball plush.

I put our Mickey Hanukkah Banner on the door to the master bedroom.

Finally, I put our Disney Hanukkah advent calendar banner on the wall in the entryway!

I'm still impressed with how much Hanukkah stuff I collected in such a short amount of time!  Eliot and I have gotten a lot more decorations since then.  It will be exciting to get it all out together!  Also, I love all of the Disney items.  I wish they'd make more stuff like this.  (I alluded to these items in my post the other day.)  The Disney banners and lights are really cute!  And the least they could do is make a Mickey menorah!

HappHanukkah!!!  °o°

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