Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Holiday 2021 Bucket List Results

The holiday season is winding down for another year.  We just have New Years Eve and New Years Day and things will settle back down once the calendar flips.  Of course, that also means it's time to check in on my holiday bucket list.

I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted to.  But more importantly, I was able to take some time to enjoy the holiday season... and that was the whole point of this anyways. 

So, without further ado, let's see exactly how I did with my Holiday 2021 Bucket List:

1.) Drink Hot Cocoa

I didn't get a chance to drink hot cocoa this season.  I've been having some stomach problems though, so that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

2.) Read a Christmas Book

I really wanted to take time to read a Christmas romance novel or something... but I wasn't even able to buy one.  I'll have to do this next year!

3.) Watch all 3 Santa Clause Movies

I didn't watch these this year.  I usually do, but this year I couldn't squeeze them in.

4.) Wear Christmas Pajamas

I wore my Mickey and Minnie Gingerbread pajamas on Christmas Day!

5.) Play the Dreidel Game

This is the second year in a row that I've insisted Mom and Dad get Hershey's Kisses and we still haven't played the Dreidel game.  Next year... I'm determined!

6.) Drive Around to Look at Christmas Lights

Eliot and I did this a few times during our travels.  It's such a simple thing to go out and do, but it brings me so much joy to see all of the decorations and houses lit up.

7.) Make a Christmas Craft

I didn't have time for this, but I made a bunch of mouse ears and desk accessories!

8.) Bake Cookies

Our oven has been out of commission so this did not happen.

9.) Hang a Wreath on the Front Door

Eliot and I did hang a wreath!  We actually have two so when we get home, we need to find a place to put the second one up!

10.) Donate to Toy's for Tots

I didn't know where to donate toys... and apparently Eliot's work has been a drop off place for years.  (I found out when I went to check the locations on the website.)  Next year, I'll do it earlier so we catch the box before it's picked up!

11.) Send Christmas Cards

This is a work in progress.  (I'm literally doing this in between working on this post.)  It's after Christmas and they're late, but since this is the first year I've ordered cards since we moved into our house in 2015, it's progress and I'm happy about it!

12.) Watch All of the New Hallmark Christmas Movies

Ok, this technically isn't officially finished yet, but all of them are on the DVR and Eliot and I will be finishing the last few movies once we get home from our trip!

13.) Listen to Christmas Music

Eliot and I started listening to Christmas music as soon as we flipped the calendar to November. We've listened to the classics, pop, Glee, Disney and country.  I love it!

14.) Take Christmas Photo

We took a family photo over Christmas weekend!  Our new ring light works really well!

15.) Light all Eight Candles for Hanukkah (electric or flame)

Eliot and I did light our electric menorah each night of Hanukkah.

16.) Wear an "Ugly" Sweater

Eliot and I wore our new Disney sweaters a few times this holiday season!

17.) Watch the Disney Christmas "Parade" Christmas Morning

We tried to do this as I wrote about in my Christmas 2021 post.  We did DVR it, so Eliot and I will watch the rest of it once we're back from our trip.

18.) Do an Advent Calendar

Eliot and I opened our Wishables advent calendar early, but it was an advent calendar so I'm still counting it.  Next year, I'll have to get one that we can open each day.

19.) Go See a Christmas Light Display 

I really wanted to go see a special Christmas Light display and not just driving by houses.  We were able to do this when we went to Gardens Aglow over my birthday.

20.) Have a Family Game Night

We weren't home long enough to play games.  Maybe next year.

21.) Decorate Gingerbread Cookies

We weren't home long enough to do this either.  Boo... 

22.) Make a Hanukkah Craft

I wish I had enough time for this!  I do have an idea I can do next year though.

23.) Decorate our Yard with Inflatables

Eliot and I never put our inflatables up, but we really enjoyed seeing all of my Dad's up!

24.) Make Treats for our Neighbors

We didn't make treats for our neighbors since our oven was messed up, but we did prepare cookies for our First Annual Neighborhood Christmas Cookie Exchange Party!

25.) Watch Favorite Christmas Movies (Elf, Grinch, Rudolph, Frosty, etc.)

I totally crushed this last goal!  I watched so many of my favorite classic Christmas movies.  (That's why I wasn't really that worried about the Santa Clause movies.  I watch those all the time.)  This year, I watched Frosty, Elf, The Grinch (the 2018 one), Noelle, Same Time Next Christmas, Little Drummer Boy, and all of the Christmas Prince movies.  I loved the new animated Grinch movie.  That's the only one I'll watch going forward.  I haven't watched Elf in a few years.  I've only seen the first Christmas Prince movie and that was back in 2017 when it came out on Netflix.  I really enjoyed binge watching those last week.  Plus, I enjoyed seeing Same Time Next Christmas again.  I also have Rudolph on the DVR to watch when I have some time!

And there you have it!  Overall, 14 out of 25 isn't bad!  Considering how busy Eliot and I have been the past few weeks, I'd say it's actually a small miracle!  While I wasn't able to check everything off of this list, I am very happy with what we were able to do.  

At the end of the day, the only thing I wanted to do was to spend Christmas at home with my family and to be able to hug my family.  That's all the holiday magic I need.  °o°

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