Sunday, December 5, 2021

Walt Disney's Birthday

It all started with a mouse... but in reality, it all started with a man.  And that man, Walt Disney, aka Walter Elias Disney, was born on this date 120 years ago in 1901.

Through the years, I've learned a lot about Walt Disney and how he built the brand that we all know and love.  From starting his studio, to designing Oswald and Mickey, to full length feature movies, to building Disneyland, to having a big dream for the "Florida Project" that would become Walt Disney World... he's truly been a creative genius.

I've loved his story, and how he struggled and failed many times.  As a creative person myself, I love his dream big philosophy, and how the sky is the limit.  I love how he pushed on, even when things seemed impossible.  Walt made the impossible possible.

Eliot and I love visiting One Man's Dream at Hollywood Studios and walking through Walt's story.  We've also been blessed to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum twice during visits with Eliot's family in California.  I love that museum so much!!!  Someday, we'd also love to visit Marceline, MO were Walt grew up. 

Though some people are critical of Walt and a few of his philosophies, I choose to see the good in people.  Plus, I didn't know the man personally; I don't believe in passing judgement on him.  Times have changed a lot since 100+ years ago, and things that were acceptable and common then aren't now.  I mean, even the Disney Company themselves have Photoshopped all of the cigarettes out of Walt's hands since him smoking is not deemed respectable in today's standards.

Regardless of what you think of the man, no one can deny his genius.  He saw a vision when other people couldn't.  He saw the possibilities in an empty orange grove... and in a bunch of Florida swampland.  And look what sits there today!

I choose to look to Walt for inspiration to always look for new ideas, to know change and growth are necessary, to dream big and to believe anything is possible.  To this day, I always stop at the fire station and gaze upon the light in his apartment window for a few minutes... silently thanking him for the magic whenever we leave Disneyland.

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Happy 120th Birthday Walt.  Thanks for teaching us to wish on stars, to dream big, to work hard and never give up and that dreams really do come true.  °o°

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