Monday, December 6, 2021

Magical Merchandise: Local Christmas Finds

Happy Monday friends!  Today, I thought that I'd do a merchandise post for all of the Christmas stuff that I've seen in our local stores.  I enjoyed making that post for the Halloween season, so I thought I'd do one for the Christmas season too!

Eliot and I have found so much Disney Christmas stuff in our local stores.  It's been really weird since Christmas things have been showing up over the past few months, but they've been getting put up recently too.  Merchandise usually stops coming in after Black Friday weekend.  This year, it's clear that loads or merchandise stuck on shipping containers is still coming so keep your eyes peeled for new items! 

TJ Maxx

Eliot's and my newest frequent shop to stop at is TJ Maxx.  We have two stores near us, so we've been checking them out when we're able to.  We've found so many holiday items there!  It would be almost impossible to show you everything that we've come across, so I picked out some of my favorite finds!

I'm a big fan of the Disney Christmas dishes.  I found a bunch of plates and bowls at the store up in Portland near the mall.

Eliot and I found this Eeyore travel mug in Biddeford and Eliot bought it.

We also found these figures at the Biddeford store.  Eliot got Eeyore and I got Minnie.

I also liked these shower curtains from TJ Maxx.  Eliot and I already have a Christmas shower curtain for our master bathroom, but I did get the one in the middle since Mickey and Minnie ice skating seemed like a good alternative for winter!

My favorite TJ Maxx find this holiday season were these Baublebar earrings!  I'd seen someone post about them online and I was so happy to find these in Portland!

Homegoods (our local store is also connected to a Marshall's)

Our Homegoods also has a bunch of the dishes from the Christmas collection.

There are also matching mugs with adorable Santa Mickey tops.

I also came across this cute ramen bowl and chopsticks that I got for myself.

There were also these cute containers that match.

I love how these Mickey and Minnie bathroom items match the dishes.  They also had these really cute Mickey Mouse soap dispensers in different designs.

There's also this cute Winnie the Pooh bathroom set.

I absolutely love this cute Santa Mickey Cookie Jar.  He came home with us too!


Kohl's had a lot of different Disney items.  Eliot, Jeremy and I started hunting for them over Halloween.  I was able to find some of the pillows I wanted that weekend.

Eliot and I came across these cute stockings when we went to the Biddeford store.


Walmart had a few different Disney items.  Most of them were similar to the things Eliot and I have found in previous years, but we did get a Mickey and Minnie statue.

This year, we were excited to find different inflatables!  I love the Cinderella and Ariel designs and we've never seen princess designs before!  Eliot and I bought all four of these since we couldn't resist Mickey and Minnie either! 

We actually weren't able to find any of the door greeters until we went to the store in Ellsworth over Thanksgiving weekend.  Mickey and Minnie came home with us!


Lowes is Eliot's and my favorite place to find magical Christmas merchandise!  I won't go super in depth about these finds since I already did a separate post on it.  However, I did want to point out this really cute Mickey inflatable that was released as a Black Friday promotion!  He was only $70 which is a great deal on him!

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I hope you enjoyed all of these fun finds in our local stores!  There's so many more items available that I've seen others post online!  You're sure to find something to help make your own castle a little more magical this holiday season!  °o°

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