Thursday, December 9, 2021

#tbt Our Engagement

Exactly ten years ago today, Eliot proposed to me.  

On December 9th, 2012, a few days before Eliot went home for winter break, we went ice skating at Frog Pond in Boston with BJ and Katie.  Ice skating at Frog Pond was always my favorite winter activity in Boston and I had been begging Eliot to go with me before he left for California for winter break from Wentworth.

That night, Eliot and I met up with our newlywed friends, BJ and Katie, and we all went into the city.  We ice skated around the frozen pond to Christmas music under the trees draped in twinkling Christmas lights.  After ice skating, Eliot brought me over to the Boston Common Christmas Tree and he proposed under the sparkling lights. 

That's the romantic story we told everyone... the real story is actually more funny.

Some of you might be questioning the timeline.  We had our wedding booked a year out from September 20th, so our wedding was under contract with Disney before we were "officially" engaged.  Eliot and I were paying off my engagement ring, which we had bought from a small shop on Etsy.  We split the payments up and were finishing up paying for it a week or so before he proposed to me.  Earlier that day, I had signed for the package so I knew Eliot had it in his possession.  

I just didn't know when it would make it's appearance... 

So, like the story goes, we were in Boston at Frog Pond.  I think it was the first time I'd been to Frog Pond before the holidays.  I'd never been when they were still playing Christmas music, since I'd usually gone in the winter during my spring semester.  Ice skating with the trees covered in lights and Christmas music playing was magical.

Katie and BJ stood outside the pond while we skated by them.  We only were there for an hour or so, but it was totally worth it.  (After the fact, Eliot told me they were the ones responsible for holding the ring box since he didn't want to fall on it and crush it!)

After skating, we walked back towards the Park Street T (subway) station and the Christmas tree was along the way.  I think Eliot wanted somewhere less busy and more quiet.  I was actually a bit nervous, even though we already had our contract signed!  Once we were beside the tree, Eliot proposed and I obviously said yes.  I wish I remembered more about what he said, but it was still perfect.

BJ and Katie took photos of us off in the distance.  Afterwards, they came over to take a few photos of us at the Christmas tree!  (Thanks guys!!!)  I felt bad that we were missing Katie D, the other part of the fab five, so I called to tell her first right after the photos. Then, I called my parents to tell them. 

We decided to go out to dinner afterwards so we rode the T over to the Pru (Prudential Tower Mall) where we decided to get CPK (California Pizza Kitchen).  On the way over, I took a few photos of my ring and admired how beautiful it turned out!

Once we got to the Pru, Eliot, BJ, Katie and I all made our way to the restaurant and where Eliot and I enjoyed celebrating with friends.  (Plus, it was also nice to warm up after being outside in the cold for so long!)  

After that, we headed back over to the subway so we could get home.  Along the way, we admired the decorations and a gingerbread display of local Boston landmarks.

And that's the story of how Eliot proposed to me.  I know that I'm a bit biased, but I think Eliot's and my engagement story was perfect.  Nothing too crazy, yet magical and very much me and Eliot.  It even included our love for Disney with us wearing our matching Christmas sweatshirts from Walt Disney World.

Happy 10 year "Engageversary" babe!!!  °o°

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