Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Holiday 2021 Bucket List

Happy December 1st friends!  (How is it already the last month of the year?!?)  This year feels like it's flown right by, and I'm hoping it will slow down a little bit.  Around here it's no secret that I love holidays.  And by extension of that, I absolutely love the holiday season.  There's something magical in the air at Christmas time.

I look forward to this season every year.  But as I grow older, it always seems to go by much faster than it used to.  (It seems to be getting busier and more stressful.)  The holiday season is Eliot's and my absolute craziest time of the year with our businesses and all the orders we get in the holiday rush.  I always find myself wanting to make sure that we take some time to enjoy the holiday season instead of just surviving it.

I've had so much fun with my summer and autumn bucket lists that I thought I'd make one for the holiday season.  Eliot and I celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah so this list seemed like the perfect way to make time for some of our favorite festivities and traditions!  Let's see what fun things I've got planned for this holiday season! 

Melissa's Holiday 2021 Bucket List

  1. Drink Hot Cocoa
  2. Read a Christmas Book
  3. Watch all 3 Santa Clause Movies
  4. Wear Christmas Pajamas
  5. Play the Dreidel Game
  6. Drive Around to Look at Christmas Lights
  7. Make a Christmas Craft
  8. Bake Cookies
  9. Hang a Wreath on the Front Door
  10. Donate to Toy's for Tots
  11. Send Christmas Cards
  12. Watch All of the New Hallmark Christmas Movies
  13. Listen to Christmas Music
  14. Take Christmas Photo
  15. Light all Eight Candles for Hanukkah (electric or flame)
  16. Wear an "Ugly" Sweater
  17. Watch the Disney Christmas "Parade" Christmas Morning
  18. Do an Advent Calendar
  19. Go See a Christmas Light Display 
  20. Have a Family Game Night
  21. Decorate Gingerbread Cookies
  22. Make a Hanukkah Craft
  23. Decorate our Yard with Inflatables
  24. Make Treats for our Neighbors
  25. Watch Favorite Christmas Movies (Elf, Grinch, Rudolph, Frosty, etc.)

I'm so excited for the holiday season and this list only makes me more excited!  There are so many of my favorite things on it!  Some of these, we haven't been able to do the past few years because we've been so busy.  Last year, we didn't even get a wreath for our front door.  I haven't mailed Christmas cards since before we moved into our new house.  It's been a while since we had a family game night, and I've never played the dreidel game before.  And I haven't decorated gingerbread cookies since our cruise!

I'm hoping that this list will provide Eliot and me an added purpose for carving out time for holiday fun amid all of the hustle and bustle.  The season goes by so quickly that I want to enjoy it!  I'll check back after the holidays to let you all know how we did!  °o°

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