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Final Recap of 2021 Goals

Another year is drawing to a close.  For me, 2021 went by quickly.  At times 2020 felt like it was dragging along, and 2021 certainly made up for that.  

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Back in January, I posted my 2021 goals with the hopes that this year, I'd make a lot of headway on them.  After the disaster that was 2020, I assumed that I'd have all the time in the world to be home to working on my goals.  But after Eliot and I were both fully vaccinated back in May, I naturally wanted to get out of the house more.  Thus, I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped to with my goals this year.  

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For those of you who are new readers here, or for those who need a quick reminder, here is the short cliff notes version of my goals for this year:

Melissa's Blog and Disney Goals for 2021

1.) Celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary
2.) Get Two Puppies and Give Them Disney Names
3.) Work on Disney Scrapbooks
4.) Decorate the House for the Holidays

5.) Rebrand Blog and Social Media

6.) Make Disney Home Decor for the House
7.) Use My New Disney Princess Planners and Journals
8.) Make Disney Decor for the Holidays

9.) Make Disney Accessories

10.) Have Disney Movie Nights

11.) Have Disney Board Game Nights

12.) Disneybound/Themed Outfit Challenge
13.) Have a Disney Themed Party
14.) Take an Online Class

15.) Design an Imagineering Project

16.) Read Disney Books

17.) Paint Disney Art

18.) Decorate House with Disney Touches

19.) Launch My Clothing Line

20.) Launch Our Home Decor Business
21.) Create New Products for Happily Ever Hatter

So let's see how I did with my 2021 goals!

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Melissa's Blog and Disney Goals for 2021

1.) Celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary- Goal Met
I was careful with my wording on this goal.  My first goal for every year is to go back to Walt Disney World.  However, with the ongoing pandemic, I decided to change it to celebrate WDW's 50th, whether I was there in person or at home.  Instead, I hosted my own personal celebration in the form of a bunch of blog posts, watching videos, and celebrating from afar.  It wasn't the same, but it was still magical!

2.) Get Two Puppies and Give Them Disney Names- Goal Not Met
Eliot and I wanted this to be the year, but it wasn't in the cards!  Hopefully next year!

3.) Work on Disney Scrapbooks- 
Goal Not Met
After the disaster of Squirrel-Gate, I haven't had a chance to finish cleaning my office in order to get this stuff out.  Hopefully I can start chipping away at it next year!

4.) Decorate the House for the Holidays-
 Goal Not Met 
I really wanted to get our decorations out this year, but we decided to keep them packed away safely.  However, we were able to organize some of them!  Progress! 

5.) Rebrand Blog and Social Media- 
Goal Met
This has been a goal of mine for a while.  I'm not 100% where I'd like to be, but I made a lot of improvements this year and it makes me really happy to see them on here! 

6.) Make Disney Home Decor for the House- 
Goal Met
I haven't really posted much about it on here, but I was able to work on some home decor pieces this year.  I'll be sure to share them once I start putting them in our house!

7.) Use My New Disney Princess Planners and Journals-
 Goal Not Met 
This is probably my biggest disappointment on this list.  Eliot and I got so much planning stuff for this year and I definitely did not do it justice.  However, I am not one to waste anything, so I'll happily use the calendars and stuff that I can't use next year in my scrapbooking projects!  Nothing will be thrown out!

8.) Make Disney Decor for the Holidays-
 Goal Not Met 
I love making holiday decorations, but this year I didn't really have much time to!

9.) Make Disney Accessories-
 Goal Not Met 
I also didn't really take time to make myself any new accessories this year.

10.) Have Disney Movie Nights- 
Goal Met
This year, I made an extra effort to use our Disney+ account more often.  I watched a few movies, but what I really enjoyed were the series and shorts.  I loved watching Pixar Popcorn Shorts, Monsters at Work, Dug Days, Doogie Kamealoha, M.D., and Olaf Presents.  Eliot and I I really love the Disney+ original content!

11.) Have Disney Board Game Nights- 
Goal Met
Eliot and I didn't have as many game nights as I wanted to, but we did get to play Disney Uno a few times over the past few months.  We also played Villainous with Jeremy over Thanksgiving.  Hopefully we can keep playing more next year!

12.) Disneybound/Themed Outfit Challenge-
 Goal Not Met 
I didn't even make much of an effort with this.  Honestly, I spent most of this year in my pajamas and lounge clothing.  Although, I started to put more of an effort in around the holidays so that's definitely a step in the right direction!

13.) Have a Disney Themed Party- Goal Not Met 
With COVID still raging on, having a party at our house was not something I wanted to do.  Hopefully, 2022 will be safer to host people and parties!

14.) Take an Online Class- 
Goal Met
This did not go as planned, but I did attend quite a few online classes and seminars.  I found a few different things that interested me while scrolling on Facebook... and I'm happy to report that I found them really inspiring!  Hopefully I can take more next year!

15.) Design an Imagineering Project-
 Goal Not Met 
Eliot and I love talking about Imagineering ideas.  I had one that I really wanted to work on, but with COVID still happening, the design seemed a little out of touch.

16.) Read Disney Books-
 Goal Not Met 
I'm a bit disappointed about this one too.  I really need to start making time to read!

17.) Paint Disney Art-
 Goal Not Met 
I also need to make time for myself so I can paint!

18.) Decorate House with Disney Touches-
 Goal Not Met 
One of Eliot's and my main goals is to finish our house.  Unfortunately, this year we weren't able to do that.  Thus, I didn't really do any decorating.  Hopefully next year!

19.) Launch My Clothing Line-
 Goal Not Met 
This was something we planned to do this year, but the year went by so fast.  By the time I was preparing to do it, we were approaching the holidays and I decided to wait.

20.) Launch Our Home Decor Business-
 Goal Not Met 
This was another big goal that we decided to hold off on.  We're still tweaking a few things with Happily Ever Hatter and Snowblade Creations, so we held off on the home decor for now.  But we are getting closer to finally launching it!

21.) Create New Products for Happily Ever Hatter- Goal Not Met 
I ordered supplies for a few new ideas, but I never put anything together.  Next year!

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And there you have it!  Six out of 20 wasn't exactly what I had planned, but it's still better than how I did back in 2020.  Plus, I also started doing seasonal bucket lists this year- which is a totally new thing for me.  Basically, on top of these goals, I also gave myself a bunch of other goals to accomplish each season!

Taking all of that into account, I'm really happy with how everything ended up.  I feel like I got a lot of stuff done in 2021, and that I had a lot of fun too!

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Finally, you might recall that my 2021 word of the year was PURPOSE.  This year, I really wanted to focus on that, and I definitely did.  Throughout the year, I reminded myself of the word's two meanings.  As a noun, it means "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists."  As a verb, it means "one's intention or objective."  Both of those spoke to me and I got really confident in what that means to me.  After losing my purpose a few years ago, I reignited the light inside myself and proclaimed my status as a Magic Maker.  And if that alone was the only thing that I got out of this entire year, it would 100% be worth it.

Thank you 2021 for the memories, laughs and magical moments!!!  °o°

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