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2021 Disney Goals

Welcome 2021.  I am so glad to finally have you here.

The past few years have been an adventure.  After adjusting to self-employment in 2019, and the rollercoaster that was 2020, I'm hoping that things will settle in down for me a bit in 2021.  I've had a lot of goals that I've wanted to accomplish and I've taken a lot of good steps in order to get there.  Here's hoping that this will be the year I can reach the finish line and check more things off of my lists.

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I've always enjoyed setting goals for myself.  (I guess you can call me a bit of a high achiever.)  Each year, I make a list of goals as part of my New Years tradition.  It's never a huge disappointment when I don't accomplish all of them.  I like to make a lot of goals to give myself some direction.  When I started this blog, I began a tradition of making Disney goals and posting them on here.  Each year, it's something that I really look forward to.  (You can read all of my past Disney goal blog posts: 2014 goals2014 recap2015 goals2015 recap, 2016 goals, 2016 recap2017 goals2019 goals2019 recap, 2020 goals and 2020 recap.)

Much like the past two years, I'm sticking with the basics.  In fact, I've kept most of the same goals as last year and 2019.  The biggest difference is that I've taken off the goals that require traveling.  After last year and the pandemic, I'm going into 2021 planning to stick close to home.  We're going to continue to make magic in our daily lives.  I've even gotten optimistic and added an extra goal.  So let's do this 2021...

Melissa's Blog and Disney Goals for 2021

1.) Celebrate Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary- Going to Walt Disney World is my first goal of every new year.  Walt Disney World is my happy place, and it's always my goal to go back there!  However, this year, I'm not sure if we'll be able to go.  Eliot and I had plans to celebrate the 50th Anniversary in person, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I'm not sure if that'll be an option for us.  We both really don't want to go if there aren't parades, shows, character meet and greets and fireworks... those are the things that make Disney magical for us.  (Time will tell.)  Regardless of where we are, we're planning to celebrate the 50th birthday as magically as we can!

2.) Get Two Puppies and Give Them Disney Names- Eliot and I have wanted to get a puppy for years now.  After much deliberation, we've settled on the fact that we want to get two.  We're almost at the point where we'll be ready!  The house is nearly there and we're really excited to add two four legged furry friends to the family!  We've even got a few of our top names picked out!

3.) Work on Disney Scrapbooks- I absolutely love traditional paper scrapbooking and I haven't made new pages since we lived in Massachusetts back before Eliot and I were married.  I really want to go through my supplies and to organize them so I can start working on new pages this year.

4.) Decorate the House for the Holidays- I love celebrating the holidays.  We've been living in so much chaos that Eliot and I haven't really decorated in years. (The last time I remember fully decorating was for Halloween 2013.)  We've put a few inflatables out in the yard, but it's not the same.  I really want to get our decorations organized so we can at least decorate for both Halloween and Christmas this year!  If we've gotten the puppies, we might not be able to get everything out, but I'd like to decorate more!

5.) Rebrand Blog and Social Media- This has been a goal for a while now.  I've got a lot of ideas and I'm hoping I can make time to finally do it, and do it justice, this year!

6.) Make Disney Home Decor for the House- I have a goal to 
decorate the house with Disney touches, but I'd also like to make some handmade decor for our house.  In my mind, it's basically the same thing, but it really isn't.  I've got a ton of ideas (and a ton of lists) and I'm planning to get to work on these soon!

7.) Use My New Disney Princess Planners and Journals- This is a new goal for this year.  I've been wanting to start using a paper planner for a few years now.  I got a new Disney Princess mini planner and journal from my brother for Christmas.  Eliot and I also bought a few more items from the collection.  Now, I've got a huge array of Disney Princess Planner items and no excuses to not be organized.  Hopefully, 2021 will allow me the opportunity to use these calendars in a way 2020 never 
would have!

8.) Make Disney Decor for the Holidays- I love making holiday decorations; it's always been something I've enjoyed since I was little.  I've got a list that's very long and it only keeps growing.  I'd like to make a few decorations for our house this year!

9.) Make Disney Accessories- I also really enjoying creating accessories that I can wear.  It's like having a little piece of handmade art that I can keep with me.  This year, I'd like to learn to make infinity scarves in my sewing class.  If time permits, I'd also like to work on dresses, skirts, hair accessories and more tote bags!  There are also a few jewelry items that I'm dying to make... so I guess we'll see where this goes!

10.) Have Disney Movie Nights- I haven't really spent that much time on our Disney+ account.  I'd love to go re-watch all of the animated Disney movies.  I'm also hoping to watch a lot of the old DCOMs (Disney Channel Original Movies).  Eliot had the idea to watch the 100 original DCOMs... so maybe we'll do that this year!

11.) Have Disney Board Game Nights- Eliot and I have so many board games that we love playing.  This year, I'm hoping we can unpack them, get them organized and put them on display in our basement so it'll be easy to break a few out to play!

12.) Disneybound/Themed Outfit Challenge- In past years, I've had a goal to wear 25 character or attraction Disneybound or themed outfits, and I'm going to do that again this year.  I'm finally starting to get my clothing organized, and I have a plan to start getting my jewelry out from storage and put away soon too!  
I'd really like to incorporate more of my Disney clothes in everyday wear!  Hopefully I'll have a reason to get dressed up and to leave the house this year.

13.) Have a Disney Themed Party- I love having parties and get togethers.  This year, I'm hoping that Eliot and I will get the house finished so we can finally have everyone over for a housewarming party!  It's only taken 5 years... 

14.) Take an Online Class- This goal keeps getting rolled over into the next year.  Last year, I finally signed up for a bunch of classes.  Now, I just need to make time in my schedule to do it!  (Those Disney Princess planners will come in handy!)

15.) Design an Imagineering Project- Eliot and I have always loved brainstorming about new Disney attractions, restaurants, stores, parade floats, shows, and hotel resorts.  This year, I'd like to start doing design work on a fantasy Imagineering project, even if it's just a small one!

16.) Read Disney Books- I have tons of wonderful books- Imagineering books, Disney art books, Disney leadership books and Disney fiction books.  I'd really like to take time to read some of them this year.

17.) Paint Disney Art- I have so many ideas!  I'd like to make a few pieces, especially since we're trying to focus on getting our house finished and decorated!  I've got plans for artwork in our open kitchen, living and dining room area, the bedrooms, and all four of the bathrooms.  I better get to work!

18.) Decorate House with Disney Touches- Eliot's and my main goal (besides our never-ending business goals) of 2021 is to finally get our house finished.  Along with artwork and holiday decor, I'd like to add Disney touches throughout our house.  We've bought a bunch of Disney decor items to display, and I've also got some handmade designs in mind.  (See goal #6.)  Hopefully, we'll be able to get our house painted and get things unpacked and organized so I can work on this!

19.) Launch My Clothing Line- This year, I'm launching my clothing and accessory line!  It's been a dream of mine for years and in 2021, I'm going to make it happen!

20.) Launch Our Home Decor Business- This year, Eliot and I are also launching our new home decor line.  We've been talking about this for over three years and we've got a lot of ideas and the lists keep growing.  Now that we've added a new maker tool to our repertoire, we're getting closer to that dream!  

21.) Create New Products for Happily Ever Hatter- Finally, I'm adding one more goal to my list this year.  I'd like to make new products for Happily Ever Hatter.  We're doing really well with the 3D printed ears.  Last year, we added the 3D printed hair clips to our shop.  This year, I'd like to make some products that don't require the 3D printers or Eliot's time creating the 3D designs and code.  I've got a few new products in the works.  Hopefully I'll have samples of those sometime this winter or spring!

And that's my goal list for 2021!  As always, I've got my work cut out for me.  Even after the disaster that was 2020, I'm still optimistic that things will work out in 2021.  I love the beginning of a new year and and new chapter filled with possibilities.  

Unlike last year, I'm not going to claim that 2021 is going to be my year.  (I did that last year and it ended up being a hot mess, dumpster fire of a disaster.)  This year, I am going to work hard to make it the best I can- no matter what outside circumstances I have thrown at me.  If 2020 taught me anything, it's that some things are completely out of my control.  So instead, I'm focusing on what I can control.

Since I started to publish these Disney goals for on my blog, I've also started to make a word of the year to go along with those goals.  In the past, my words have been create, growth, blossom, dream, imagination, and conquer.  Last year's word was positivity and I can't tell you how many times I went back to that concept in order to make it through some of those hard days of uncertainty.

With all of that in mind, I've decided that my 2021 word of the year is PURPOSE.  I bounced around a lot of ideas for this word of the year: organization, gratitude, focus, perseverance, magic, happiness... but in the end, I settled on purpose.  The word purpose has two meanings.  As a noun, it means "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists."  As a verb, it means "one's intention or objective."  Both of those speak to me and this word has a special meaning to me.  I won't go too much into it right now, but this is the word that fills me up when I think of it.

So with purpose, I move forward into 2021.  Here's to another year of possibilities, growth, learning, achievements, challenges and adventures.  Bring it on 2021.  I'm ready to make some magic and make more of my dreams come true.  °o°

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