Thursday, January 28, 2021

New Product Alert: Galaxy Mickey Desk Set

Today I wanted to let you know about a new desk set that just arrived over in Eliot's Snowblade Creations shop.  Our newest arrival is our Mickey Mouse Galaxy Desk Set!

We have gotten a great response for our desk accessories since we first debuted our Spaceship Earth Desk Sets last May.  (In fact, we had a lot of customers purchase them as Christmas gifts!)  Since then, Eliot and I have been working behind the scenes designing new desk sets as well as individual items.

The galaxy theme is a huge trend right now but I've actually been obsessing over it for the past two years.  As soon as Eliot gave me a few desk items that had minor flaws, I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.  Since we weren't planning to sell them to customers, I knew they'd be perfect to use to make more sample products!

It took us a little bit to get a full set of desk items.  I didn't want to interrupt our schedule of printing orders for customers so instead Eliot tucked them in whenever we had some time.  We've actually had all of the items printed for a bit now, but since we were so busy with holiday orders, I opted to wait until afterward to work on my new designs.

Two weeks ago, I finally took the plunge!  After reviewing a few different galaxy painting tutorials on Pinterest, I picked out some paints and dove in.  It took me one afternoon to paint all of the colors.  The following day, once I was sure that everything was dry, I added the white star splatters to the design.  Our newest desk set was done!

I'm so happy with how all of these pieces came out and I absolutely love the colors that I picked.  The desk accessory set is exactly as I envisioned it.  Plus, the colors also match my office pretty well, so our sample set might end up living in my office!

Plus, we have a few options available.  I can add silver and/or gold confetti stars to the galaxy effect.  We also have a few options of Minnie bows that would match the set.

Our new Mickey Galaxy Desk Set and the individual pieces are all available now over in our Snowblade Creations Etsy shop!  This set is definitely out of this world!  °o°

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