Thursday, January 21, 2021

Shattered Glass

Wow... yesterday was more emotional than I thought it would be.  I felt something that I haven't felt in a long time... pride.  White watching as Joe Biden became our 46th president, I was proud to be an American and to show the world that our democracy is just as strong as ever.  It might have been tested in recent weeks, but the peaceful transfer of power prevailed and Inauguration Day was historic and a success.

My greatest takeaway from yesterday's Inauguration Ceremony was all of the history that was made.  Regardless of your political views, yesterday was a huge day for women.  We now have a woman as the Vice President of the United States!  I've always thought that women can do anything, but to actually see a woman in that role was emotional for me.  The next generation of children will never know a world where there hasn't been a woman in that role.  The glass ceiling has been shattered.

I also felt so empowered to have a government that represents the diversity of our country and it's citizens.  This new administration is breaking so many barriers.  I think it's a wonderful thing.  I've always believed that representation matters.  

Overall, it was a great day.  So many things were racing through my head throughout the day.  I had to stop by here to unload a few of them.  Here are some of my random thoughts from yesterday's historic events:

● The US Capitol Building looked stately, regal and patriotic all decorated for the Inauguration Ceremony.  I can't believe this is the same building that was attacked two weeks ago.  It's symbolic of how strong our country and our democracy is.

● Jewel toned coats are super fashionable and I'm obsessed.

● Michelle Obama is a perfect image of style, class and grace.

● Gosh I miss Barack Obama... his goofy Dad jokes... his laugh... all of it.

● I enjoyed seeing the former presidents and first ladies interacting with each other.

● I know more politicians than I thought I did, and surprisingly I can recognize a number of them even though they were all in face masks.

● Bernie Sanders sitting in his woolen sweater mittens is a national treasure.

● Ooh the ceremony is about to begin!!!  "History has it's eyes on you..." ♫

● I loved both Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez's performances.  They both looked so beautiful and stylish too.  Also, Garth Brooks was amazing.

● Kamala Harris is officially Vice President!  WE HAVE A WOMAN VP!!!

● We also have a second gentleman who is Jewish!

● Joe Biden is officially being sworn in... this is happening!!!

● It's time to "lower the temperature" and "end this uncivil war." - President Joe Biden

● Amanda Gorman's poem was incredible.  Not only was it incredible, but she delivered it with poise, skill and with theatrical precision.  She absolutely killed it and I really need to re-read it multiple times.

● There are so many American flags on the National Mall.  We've lost far too many people to the coronavirus pandemic.

● I enjoyed watching the politicians, musicians, and guests interact post-ceremony.

● Eliot was surprised by how much coverage there was.  This is probably the first Inauguration Ceremony he's ever watched in full and it's only my second.  There are a lot of traditions, gifts, ceremonies, etc.

● Pence and Harris were laughing on the steps of the Capitol... Wait, what?!?!

● It was a powerful sight to see all of the former presidents unified together with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris while over at Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.

● I'm glad both the President and Vice President got out to walk the parade route.  It felt casual, normal and made them seem more relatable.  Fist bumps all around.

● I made it until President Joe Biden was standing on the steps of the White House and the band was playing "Hail to the Chief"... then I promptly started to tear up with joy.  (This is really happening and this is real.)

● Now, it's time to get to work.

● Yes!  Let's get those Georgia Democrats sworn into the Senate!

● Biden's already signed 17 documents... the man doesn't waste any time!

● We're officially back in the Paris Climate Accord... and I'm elated about that!

● We're also back with the World Health Organization... I'm also elated about that!

● We're going to have stricter COVID restrictions... yes!  It stinks, but let's do what we have to in order to get the pandemic under control and behind us!

● I know we usually have big Inaugural Balls, and that's cool for the politicians and people who can attend them.  However, I think they should do a television special like the "Celebrating America" show last night every year as well.  All of us at home don't care about the balls so they should have something like this as well.

● Our nation's capital city and the monuments are gorgeous all lit up at night time.

● Everyone likes Tom Hanks.  He's a great host.

● I like the quotes from previous leaders... this is like a fun history lesson.

● "Here comes the sun... do-do do-do."    I love the Bon Jovi drone shots on the pier.

● The trumpeters are playing "Hail to the Chief" now... and President Jo Biden is at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.  His speech resonates with me.  We may be divided but we all have "unity against common foes: hate, violence, disease and hopelessness."

● President Biden continues on, "We are in one of those moments now with the pandemic, economic crisis, racial injustice, a climate crisis, and threats to our very democracy.... Will we meet the moment?"

● "There isn't anything we can't do, if we do it together." President Joe Biden

● "I will give my all to you." - President Joe Biden

● Justin Timberlake is singing that things are going to get better.  I really hope so JT.

● Lin Manuel Miranda speaks directly to my soul.

● Sarah Fuller (the female kicker on the Vanderbilt football team) is a badass.  She was the perfect person to introduce Kamala Harris.

● Kamala Harris and her speeches fill me with so much hope for women and our future.  Also... WE HAVE A WOMAN VICE PRESIDENT!!!

● I love John Legend!  He's got an amazing voice!

● I love all these performances at the Lincoln Memorial; it's a beautiful backdrop!

● Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard singing in Nashville makes me miss it.  Also, I love their message about being "Undivided" and how we can make the world a better place.

● I really loved how they asked the three former presidents what this Inauguration day meant to them.  They all had different answers, yet they were all the same.  Bill Clinton wants us to make a more perfect union.  This is another new beginning.  We need to reach out to friends and neighbors.  George Bush said we need to love our neighbors like we love ourselves.  Barack Obama said that we need to listen to each other.  America is strong, we're tough and we can get through hardship.  All three spoke about the importance of the peaceful transfer of power.  I thought it was really important that our country see the former presidents unified together.

● Demi Lovato cut her hair and it looks great!  It is a lovely day!

● Joe Biden dancing with his 8 1/2 month old grandson Beau (named after his late son) in his arms at the White House is adorable.

● Katy Perry singing Firework gave me chills... just like the song usually does.

● The fireworks over the National Mall were the perfect way to end the day.  I love how the cameras bounced between Katy Perry singing, Joe and Jill Biden watching from the White House and Kamala Harris and her family watching from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  Plus, our capital city looked beautiful lit up by fireworks.

● The "Celebrating America" primetime television special was great and I really enjoyed it.  I also love how the it featured and recognized heroes from the pandemic- front line workers, educators, healthcare workers, and everyday people helping others.

Yesterday was truly a historic day here in America.

Today, I woke up feeling hopeful, but I'm also realistic and I know things aren't going to get better overnight.  I don't think Biden will have the answers for everything.  I'm just so glad to have a compassionate person as the leader of our country.  I'm ready for more love, unity and understanding and a lot less hatred and fear.  I pray that all of our elected leaders will do the hard work to unify the country.  It's high time they all find a way to listen and compromise with each other to get the job done.  °o° 

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