Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Colorful 2021

Most people are taking their Christmas trees down this time of year.  Yesterday, for the first time in like four years, Eliot took ours down too.  And then he put up our new one.

He's been waiting over a week to put the new one up, and I insisted that we give the old tree one last Christmas and New Year's hoorah.  We're not getting rid of the other one, but after four straight years of service, it's temporarily retired and is resting inside of a nice tree bag.  (We're planning to use that one in our bedroom seasonally.) 

Our new Twinkly tree has it's own LED light shows that are controlled by an app on our phones.  It's a lot like our outdoor Christmas lights where we can control them... so we keep them up all year.  Who doesn't love twinkling lights?  This new tree has settings for single colors, patterns, twinkles, shimmers, other holiday presets... and it even has a way to make customized designs.  Eliot's already designed one for Halloween.  Last night before bed we made one with San Jose Sharks colors for when they play.

The best part was that it was totally meant to be ours.  Eliot and I have been talking about getting another one, if we found it after Christmas when it was on sale.  (We also have the first generation of a Twinkly tree that we got 2 years ago.)  This one was on sale for only $108 when we happened across the display model at our local Walmart a few days before Christmas.  This was a steal considering it was usually $289.  Eliot immediately went to find the nearest associate, who allowed Eliot to take it apart and put it in a tree bag that we also purchased.  It was our Christmas present to ourselves after a tumultuous 2020 and a year of hard work with both of our businesses.

My favorite part of our new tree is that it has a rainbow fade setting.  Now, I can watch rainbows reflecting off of our walls every night.  It's going to be a colorful 2021.  °o°

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