Friday, January 22, 2021

Fun Find: Disney Bernie Memes

Bernie Sanders memes are the gift that keeps giving and I couldn't help myself- I had to round them all up into a post.  If you have been online at all the past few days, you've seen at least one of the Bernie memes with him sitting in a chair bundled up at Joe Biden's Inauguration Ceremony on Wednesday.  Due to social distancing, Bernie is sitting all alone... which only made it easier to Photoshop him into other photos.

There have been a lot of Bernie meme photos that have made me laugh out loud, but my favorites have been all of the Disney photos.  From theme park ride photos to being inserted into iconic movie scenes to saving a seat for the night time shows, Bernie sure seems to enjoy hanging out with our favorite mouse.  There are so many that I had to separate them into sections.  Here is a round up of my favorite Disney Bernie memes: 

Bernie and the Hall of Presidents

We start with Bernie campaigning to be in the Hall of Presidents. 

Waiting outside until they let him in. 

He's made it on to the stage with the other presidents... complete with a Mickey mask. 

Bernie Inserted into Movies, TV Shows and Theater Productions

It's the Circle of Life... Healthcare for all... ♫

Ready for an adventure... 

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Cute Mittens.

Hanging out with Deadpool.  Bernie doesn't look amused.

Bernie doesn't look impressed with the Muppet Show.

"Why do they keep inviting me to these things?"

Bernie is not a fan of charades.

Bernie seems to feel left out of Hamilton.

"I'm watching it Berrrrnnnn." 

Bernie as the Child.  (Also, my Key to the World boss Jeff made this edit!)

Battle of the lightsabers... winner gets healthcare for all.

He kinda fits right into this Mandalorian scene.

Learning about the force.

Watching this lightsaber battle.

Bernie sure loves his Star Wars movies!

Bernie at Disney Parks, Resorts, and Cruise Line

I'm sure a lot of people feel this right now. 

Same Bernie, same.

And same with the fireworks too.

Bernie heard this is reopening this summer so he's already waiting in line.

Taking a quick ride down the Disney Cruise Line Aquaduck.

He's got an entire monorail to himself.

But he'd much rather ride up front.

This made me laugh hysterically loud.

But this was even better... Bibbidi Bobbidi Bernie!  (My boss Jeff also made this gem.)

I could see Bernie actually doing this.

This... so much this.  I miss Paint the Night.

Bahahaha... perfection.

Taking a mid-day break to go for a ride on the creepy clown slide.

Bernie unimpressed... this is too perfect.

Hahaha!!!  If you know, you know.

Now they've replaced the broken Donald animatronic with Bernie.

Bernie hanging out on Main Street USA.  (Jeff also made this!)

This would be me outside of the Disneyland main gates.

Bernie seems unimpressed that he can't hang out with his friends inside.

Most expensive day ever!

Bernie On Disney Parks Rides

First ride of the day, Tower of Terror. 

Next up, Rockin' Rollercoaster.

Quick stop to hang out with Elsa on Frozen Ever After.

Now it's time to fly with Dumbo in Fantasyland. 

Going on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride.

He made it on to Peter Pan but he seems unimpressed with the long line.

"It's a Small World After All..." 

Taking a spin on the teacups. 

Bernie made his way over to visit the Haunted Mansion.

He's decided to hang out with the hitchhiking ghosts for a bit.

Next up is Splash Mountain.  (Jeff made this one too!)

Bernie takes a trip on the famous Jungle Cruise.  (I love the joke!)

I could see Bernie as John in Carousel of Progress.

Bernie was recruited to help save the universe from Zurg!

Bernie was picked as "That Guy" on Monsters Inc.  Too funny!!!

Finally, Bernie decided to take a trip into space to end his Disney day.

And that's my collection of Bernie Sanders memes!  I'm sure the Bernie memes will keep on coming.  This isn't even all of the Disney ones that I found.  Bernie's been on Splash Mountain at least three different times.  (He must have a special super speed Fastpass to get on all these rides.)  I have many travel agent friends, and I follow a lot of Disney groups so I've seen so. many. Disney. Bernie. memes.  They're hilarious!

I hope these silly memes made you laugh.  If anything, having way too much fun with Bernie memes is something I think we all can all get behind.  Who knew that Bernie Sanders would be the one to unite the entire country after all?  °o°

Please Note: I did not make any of these memes and I don't claim ownership of the photos or the jokes.  Most of them I've seen uncredited on Facebook from other people who have shared them.  I just wanted to put them all in one spot so we might try to find some humor in a time when we could use a smile.

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