Thursday, November 11, 2021

#tbt 2010 Thanksgiving Decorations

A few weeks ago, I did a Throwback Thursday post of our 2010 Halloween decorations in Eliot's and my apartment down in Woburn, MA.  (That was the last time I remember putting decorations up for all of the holidays.)  In that post, I had promised that I'd post the rest of the holiday decor photos, so I'm back today to fulfill part of that promise!

Today, we're doing an apartment tour featuring our Thanksgiving decorations!  Just remember the photos were taken on a 2010 cell phone so they aren't super crisp!

We're starting today's tour back in our living room.  The red color of our furniture really lended itself to the fall and autumnal look of our decor.

I decorated both of our side tables.  Eliot's had a little pumpkin doll on it.

My side of the couch had a tart warmer, hay bale, pumpkin decor and a beanie turkey.

Our storage shelves had a bunch of different things on it.  I used more of our Ty beanie baby plushes on the DVD storage.  Then, I also had more plush and same breakable decor.  (You can also see that I finally hung the picture frame up on the wall!)

These little bears were a gift from Nana and Papa.  I think my Mom had bought them for them originally, but when they moved in with us, Nana gave them to me.

Here are our Mickey and Minnie plush, along with my Build-A-Bear turkeys.

Nana and Papa also gave me the little Thanksgiving Village that my parents had gotten them.  It came as a full set and I absolutely love it!

Here are a few close ups of the village so you can see it.

I also love how it came with some colorful fall trees.

The people also came with the set.  They really make it come to life!

The entire thing lights up as well!  I really have to get this out again sometime!

Moving into the kitchen, I did my best to decorate with the stuff I had.

Like Halloween, I used my own handmade decorations on the cupboards.

Here are the cupboards on the other side of our galley kitchen.  Those are decorative pot holders going down the side of that cupboard.  (Remy is also hanging out!)

Here's our Thanksgiving towels on the oven.

I also decorated the sink.  I didn't take them out, but our Mickey and Minnie pilgrim Thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers are in the package on the window sill. 

Here's our dining room.  We really didn't use the table so I just decorated it. 

This is the door to our outdoor porch facing the highway.

I put this wreath on our master bedroom door so I'd see it whenever we entered our apartment.  The little wooden sign is also from Nana.

Here's the bookcase in our entryway.  I couldn't find the plush that I wanted to put there.  The other little wood things are more signs that Nana gave me.

This plastic turkey was another gift from Nana.  My Mom has one just like it!

Here's our vase and the decor where the entryway transitions to the living room.

Finally, here's the hallway with the entry closet that was opposite our washer and dryer.

And there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed this quick little photo tour of Eliot's and my Woburn apartment during Thanksgiving of 2010!  °o°

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