Thursday, November 18, 2021

#tbt Mickey's Birthday

Today is Mickey Mouse's birthday!  Steamboat Willie debuted on this day in 1928 which makes both Mickey and Minnie 93 today!  While they actually share a birthday, the day is most often referred to as Mickey's birthday.  Disney doesn't make a big deal that they share the day.  In fact, in recent years, Disney has opted to celebrate Minnie on a separate day, National Polka Dot Day, which falls on January 22nd.  For those reasons, I'll refer to today as Mickey's birthday, but we all know the truth!  Anyways...

I thought I would do a quick Throwback Thursday post in honor of the day.  Back in November of 2017, Eliot and I went to Walt Disney World over my 33rd birthday to celebrate.  While we were there, we also celebrated a few other birthdays!

The night before Mickey's birthday, Eliot and I were at the Magic Kingdom until the park closed.  As we were strolling down Main Street, we noticed the Emporium put out a few limited items for the occasion.  Knowing the merchandise would probably go fast, Eliot and I snatched up a pair of shirts for us to wear, as well as an ear hat for our collection.

The next day, we put on our new shirts and I wore the rest of my special birthday outfit for Mickey.  I had my sprinkles skirt and my Mickey and Minnie Candy Apple ears on.

That morning, we actually had reservations at Chef Mickey's for breakfast!  We went there and they had a cake on display in the entrance.  It was so beautiful!

Of course, Chef Mickey's isn't complete with out some Mickey waffles!  While there, we made sure to wish Mickey a Happy Birthday.  The cast members accompanying the characters reminded guests as they made their way around the restaurant.  However, I piped up that it was also Minnie's birthday.  (There was a cast member who agreed with me that it was technically Minnie's birthday too.)  When Minnie arrived at our table, I gave her a big hug and wished her a Happy Birthday.  She gave me a big squeeze back as a thank you for acknowledging her special day too.

After that, Eliot and I went over to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate Mickey's birthday at the theme parks.  We got our Happy Birthday buttons and took a bunch of pictures at the castle.  Our little donkey friends got in on the action.  Then, Eliot took a few photos of me in my outfit, holding our new Mickey Mouse 2017 Birthday ear hat.

Other than the merchandise, the parks didn't seem to do much for Mickey's birthday, unless we missed everything, but I don't think we did.  (Full disclaimer, there was probably special Mickey treats to buy but we didn't even think to check!)

However, when we got back to the Art of Animation for the night, there was a giant sign that guests could sign. It was already full but Eliot and I both signed it anyways.

Before heading back to our room, we made a quick stop at the cafeteria were I also found some special Mickey cupcakes in the dessert case. 

It was a lot of fun to celebrate Mickey's special day a few days before we were there to celebrate my birthday!  I'd love to do it again sometime.  Next time, I'd definitely have more of a plan though.  For example, I'm still kicking myself that Eliot and I didn't make it to see the best hidden Mickey of them all.  There's a special hidden Mickey that only appears on his birthday at noon.  That would definitely be on the to do list next time!

Regardless, it was fun to celebrate our favorite mice and the mouse who started it all.  

HappBirthdaMickey!!! (and Minnie!!!)  °o°

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