Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Autumn 2021 Bucket List Results

Time is flying by... Eliot and I switching gears from autumn to full holiday mode!  Things with our businesses have really heated up this past two weeks and it's got me thinking about starting my Christmas shopping.  But before we jump head first into all things holiday, I thought we'd take a peek back at our fall adventures!

Eliot and I had a lot of fun this fall.  After staying inside most of last year, it was nice to get out of the house and do a bit of exploring this year.  But, I'll let you read all about in my recap down below.  Here is how I did with my my Autumn 2021 Bucket list!

1.) Go to Six Flags New England

Eliot and I were really excited that we got back to Six Flags this year.  Eliot had a blast going on all of the rollercoasters while I enjoyed spending time in the park again!

2.) Make a Fall Craft

This was on my radar, and I even planned to post-date this tutorial after I finished it, but at this point, I'm going to call it.  We're heading into our crazy time and there's no way that I'll get this craft done the way I wanted to.  There's always next year! 

3.) Take a Drive to See the Fall Foliage

Eliot and I did get to take plenty of drives to see the leaves.  We drove around locally, up to Bar Harbor and Acadia and down through Massachusetts.

4.) Watch Hocus Pocus

I probably could check this off since I did watch parts of the movie while it was on television.  However, my whole plan for this goal was to watch it with Eliot so we could see the places that we visited in Salem.  We'll definitely do this before we visit again!

5.) Make Pumpkin Treats (fudge, bread, or muffins)

I didn't even have a chance with this one.  Eliot and I have been having problems with our oven so we haven't been using it.  (I think it needs a really good scrub and we haven't had a chance to do it yet.)  However, I did get to indulge in a few pumpkin treats including Pumpkin Fudge, Pumpkin Whoopie Pies and Pumpkin Bread!  Yum!!!

6.) Go to the Yankee Candle Village Store in MA

I had so much fun visiting the Yankee Candle Village again!  I love this and I would have been happy if this was the only thing I checked off this list.  I love going there so much!  It's even more beautiful going during the fall with the changing leaves!

7.) Carve a Pumpkin

Eliot and I weren't able to get pumpkins so we didn't get any to carve.

8.) Wear a Halloween Costume

I did wear an Elmo costume this year, even though it was a bit last minute!

9.) Drink Apple Cider

I love apple cider, but I didn't buy any.  Eliot doesn't like it so I didn't bother since we were traveling so much.  Maybe I'll have Mom and Dad get some over Thanksgiving... 

10.) Watch all of the Halloweentown Movies

I didn't get a chance to do this with Eliot, so I didn't do it at all.  Next year, I'll have to make time to watch things while he's at work if he's not going to be able to join me.

11.) Go to the Jordan Pond House

Eliot and I went to the Jordan Pond House during our Bar Harbor trip even though we weren't able to eat there.  Next year I will have my popovers!!!

12.) Visit Salem, MA

I did make it back to Salem for the first time in 13 years.  Eliot and I really enjoyed it, even though it was a quick trip.  We'll definitely be back!

13.) Buy Pumpkins for Front Porch

Eliot and I weren't able to get pumpkins this year.  Another thing for next year!

14.) Go Apple Picking

Our local apple orchard closed earlier than I thought so we never got to do this.

15.) Make a Halloween Craft

Like the fall craft goal, this slipped through my fingers.  I have a few ideas for next year.

16.) Celebrate Our 9th Wedding Anniversary

Eliot and I were able to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary!  We've done so many things together over the past few months!  It's been really nice spending time together!

17.) Watch Football

We've made time most weekends to put a game on even if it's not the Patriots or the Eagles.  Football is nice to have on in the background while we're working on orders.

18.) Have a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Ironically, I had one of these the first day they came out in August and that's the only one I had.  Coffee drinks don't always make my tummy happy so I really have to plan to be home all day when I drink them.  This was the only one, but it was super sweet!

19.) Make Candy Apples

I need to do this next year.  I love candy apples and I'm dying to make Disney ones!

20.) Travel Somewhere New

We definitely accomplished this!  I still haven't finished my Virginia recaps, but we went a few new places during that trip.  I don't want to spoil the trip recaps, but I can say that we went to Busch Gardens while we were there and that was a lot of fun!

21.) Visit Some of the Hocus Pocus Filming Locations

Eliot and I were able to visit a few of the Hocus Pocus filming locations during our Salem trip earlier this month.  I'd love to visit them again when we have more time!

Overall, I think we did pretty good even though we only got about half done!  I'm a little bummed out that Eliot and I didn't get any pumpkins for the porch or get to go apple picking but it wasn't for lack of trying.  We planned to go get pumpkins from someone my parents know while we were visiting in Bar Harbor, but we weren't able to get there when they were open.  We also didn't realize when our local apple orchard closed... next year, we will plan to go in September when they're open!

As for the crafting stuff, baking and movie watching... that's just lack of planning on my part.  Between our trip to Virginia and then going to Massachusetts, I just lost track of time.  I've had time to watch the Halloweentown movies after Halloween, but I just didn't have the same level of commitment after the holiday was over.  Next year, I'll have to watch them early when I'm still in the Halloween mood!

So, I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but I feel like I did more this fall than I have in a long time.  And that's a win in my book.  We truly had a wonderful autumn!  °o°

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