Monday, November 1, 2021

It Is Time!!!

Quick- someone cue Mariah, because IT. IS. TIME!!!

Let's be honest, I look forward to this day every year.  Today's the day when it's finally mostly "acceptable" to get totally into the holiday spirit by watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, starting to decorate and getting my holly jolly on.  (Ok, so Hallmark already started showing their holiday movies 10 days ago, and I have been hooked watching them.  At least I don't have to feel guilty about it anymore!)

It's so weird when Halloween "starts" in August and goes all the way until the end of October.  Lately, I find myself wanting it to be Christmas season earlier than that.  I guess that's what happens when Disney starts celebrating Halloween in mid-August and that's when all of the spooky merchandise is released.  The past few weeks have felt like one giant holiday mash-up with Halloween and Christmas overlapping.

But now, it's time to bring on the holly because it's about to get jolly around here!  I'm ready to trim the tree, bake some cookies and listen to Christmas tunes!

"All I Want For Christmas... is you..."  °o°

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