Thursday, November 4, 2021

#tbt Our Save the Date

Hello friends!  Today, I'm swinging by with a really quick Throwback Thursday post.  I actually didn't plan on posting today.  However, something popped up on my Memories over on Facebook and I thought I'd post it over here too!

Exactly ten years ago today, I received Eliot's and my "Save the Date" from the seller I'd purchased it from on Etsy.  I'd wanted something Disney themed that would hint about our upcoming wedding.  Eliot and I had signed our contract and our final date was set.  I was so excited to order something different for our save the date postcards!

I found a seller on Etsy, "Malibelle" (now known as Sandwriting By the Sea) who would take photographs of your name(s) written in the sand.  She also had props and Minnie and Mickey bride and groom ear hats were as option.  I thought it was a great tie in to having our wedding reception at the Living Seas Salon so I ordered it.

Eliot and I absolutely loved how it turned out!  It was perfect!  I need to get a larger version of the photo printed so I can frame it and add it to our wedding display.  I love how it's something that we can actually still use and treasure 10 years later.

Plus, it worked out really well!  I used my design software to create the postcards, making four fronts and four backs.  (I designed the back with our wedding "logo" that I also made.)  Then, we had them printed and cut them out!  They were perfect!

I'm so glad I got the reminder about our save the date photo this morning!  °o°

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