Saturday, January 29, 2022

Disney Princess- The Concert

Hi friends!  It's been a busy week and it's also shaping up to be a busy weekend.  Eliot and I are crazy busy with the businesses and working on the house.  But I wanted to pop in for a few minutes to share a little more about our upcoming California trip!  In my post announcing the trip,  I alluded to a few other fun activities that we'd be doing and I thought today was the perfect time to tell you more about one of them!

Exactly four weeks from today, Eliot and I are finally going to see the show that I have been looking forward to for months now... Disney Princess- The Concert!!!

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I am so excited!  Eliot and I were going to see it in Massachusetts, but when we got looking into it further, we realized that the San Jose dates lined up perfectly with the San Jose Sharks games we wanted to attend!  It worked out perfectly.  We'll be seeing the Disney Princess concert in the afternoon, and then we'll be attending the Sharks game that night.  This princess wears dresses and hockey jerseys... on the same day!

As most of you probably know, I love Disney music.  The songs are my childhood and the soundtrack to most of my life.  I'm always singing some princess tune.  This show is going to be incredible!  While you aren't sure which princess performers will be at your show in advance, there are four women who will be singing in the show.  And a quick peek at the cast lined up shows that many of them played Disney Princesses on Broadway!  In fact, a few of these women originated the roles!  It's so cool! 

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I already know that this concert is going to be amazing.  Eliot is really looking forward to it too.  We're also going with his Dad and Elissa!  We were originally just going with Rick, but now that Elissa will also be back in California during our trip, she's joining us too!  Rick was able to get one more ticket, so I'm assuming that Elissa will sit with Eliot and me and Rick will take the other ticket.  I'm sure they'll both love it too!

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Finally, I'm really excited that our tour date is in the middle of the tour.  When we went to the Gold Over America Tour, it was the last night and most of the merchandise was sold out.  I'm really hoping they'll have t-shirts or other products available at this one!  

One thing is certain, this California trip is going to be packed full of magic!!!  °o°

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