Thursday, January 6, 2022

A Jumbled Bumbled Mess

Hi friends!  I hope your 2022 is going well so far!  Eliot and I are finally back from our trip to visit his family.  We ended up being gone for a few extra days due to weather problems.  But we're back home in Maine and settling back in! 

I'm also trying to get back on schedule with blog posts.  I thought we'd have more downtime than we did, so unfortunately, I'm really behind on posts now.  I've still got nine posts to finish for 2021 as well as a few from this week.  I'm also going to be finishing up my 2021 year in review and my goals recap for 2021 and goals for 2022.

I just thought I'd pop in quickly to let you know!  If you follow along on all of my posts, I'm going to be sneaking in a few new ones that will be backdated!  (There will be one post for September, two in October and 6 in December, plus a few from this week!)

Right now, my blog feels like a bit of a jumbled bumbled mess with all of these half finished posts; but I will get everything straightened back out in the next week or two!

As always, thanks for following along on all of our adventures!  Happy New Year!!!  °o°

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  1. Happy New Year and Thank You for doing these blogs...I enjoy your adventures...(jv)