Monday, January 31, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Valentine's Day Outfits

It's the last day of January, and that's got me looking ahead to next month.  When I think of February, the first thing I always think of is Valentine's Day.  Love, reds, pinks, purples, hearts and little conversation heart candies immediately fill my mind.

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I used to dress up for Valentine's Day all the time in high school and college.  Pink is one of my favorite colors, so it's not really a huge jump for me.  Lately, I haven't gotten into it as much.  However, I have wanted to start dressing up for it more, so I've picked up a few pieces the past few years.  I was really excited when I saw a new Disney Valentine's Day collection by Hot Topic and Her Universe released a few days ago.

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Today, I thought that I'd share my favorite items from the collection!  The first thing that caught my eye was this super cute Minnie Mouse Strawberry Gingham Top.  This seems to be the most popular item in the collection as I can't even find it on Hot Topic's website.  (Not gonna lie, I just abandoned writing my post for a few minutes so I could go buy one of the last three of these shirts still available on Her Universe's website!)  

The other item that caught my eye was the Minnie Striped Strawberry Sweater.  It's a crop top sweater, which I'm unsure about.  But I love the cute design other than that!

I also thought this Minnie Cherry and Strawberry Sweater Vest was really cute.  I like sweater vests so I hope they make more of these in the future!

This Minnie Strawberry Dress is absolutely adorable.  I'm already picturing myself wearing this while running around the strawberry fields picking berries this summer! 

These Mickey Cherry Overalls are really cute too.  I have a Mickey cherry handbag that I've had for years... and it would look really cute with these!

This Minnie Polka Dot Shirt is giving me Valentine's Day Cruella de Vil vibes.

This Mickey and Minnie Shirt is cute... but it doesn't scream Valentines day to me.

They also made a few items that match each other.  First there's this cute Winnie the Pooh Mini Backpack with Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet.

Then, this Winnie the Pooh Tank Top matches the backpack.  Super cute!!! 

I've also seen this adorable Mickey and Minnie Mini Backpack online.  I thought it was cute but I didn't think that I needed it... until I saw the final item in this post.

I'm ending my post with my other favorite item from the collection.  I really love this Mickey and Minnie Skirtall.  I've bought a lot of these lately, and they're really cute.  I love how this one has the little heart buttons!  It also matches the backpack!  This design is fun, a little flirty and perfect for Valentine's Day!

I think these outfits and accessories are super sweet, and not just because a lot of them have strawberries and cherries all over them!  These pieces are sure to add a little bit of magic to your February.  Plus, they're all perfect for Valentine's Day!  °o°

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