Thursday, January 20, 2022

We're Going to the 2022 D23 Expo!

Earlier today, tickets for the 2022 D23 Expo went on sale to D23 members and the general public.  And this time around, I will be where the people are.  After missing out on the 2019 D23 Expo, and watching the 2021 event being pushed back to this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Eliot and I are finally making our return!  It will be my second D23 Expo and Eliot's third.  (He also went with his family back in 2015.)  

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The best part of this year's expo is that my brother Jeremy and Dad will also be coming with us!  Eliot and I have asked Jeremy if he'd want to go in the past and he's always considered it.  (Jeremy and my Dad have gone to a few Comic Cons years ago.)  Now that it's almost impossible to get Comic Con tickets, this is a good alternative.  Plus, they both love Star Wars and Jeremy is really into Marvel and the Muppets.

Eliot's family is taking a step back this year.  His mom bought a three day ticket, but she isn't sure if she'll be able to go all three days.  It is a lot of walking and standing around.  If Elissa is able to go, she might go for a day if tickets are still available.

Regardless of whether they attend the expo or not, we'll probably see Eliot's family as his parents booked us a stay at their timeshare hotel.  Eliot and I are staying near the Anaheim GardenWalk at the same hotel we're staying at in a few weeks.  The hotel we were going to book for Dad and Jeremy sold out, but it all worked out for the best!  Eliot was able to get them a room at the hotel that's literally next door to ours!

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As of right now, we aren't sure if we're going to add a few days at Disneyland on to our trip or not.  Eliot has limited days off, but since it's Labor Day week, we might be able to work something out.  Dad also has a pretty big tax deadline on September 15th, so if we do anything, it will probably be at the beginning of the trip.  I'd love to take him to Disneyland since he's never been.  (Jeremy went once with me back in 2017 during my travel agent conference.)  We'll probably have to make some decisions about this in the next few weeks since the window to book flights opens up in early March!

Eliot and I are really excited about attending the expo this year.  We have been going back and forth about attending it for months now.  But the other day, we looked at our calendar and decided that we were going to make it happen.  I was really bummed out that we missed the event in 2019.  While it was great to have Eliot's mom there getting us some of the exclusive merchandise available, I was sad that we missed out on the fun atmosphere and the exhibits.  I would have loved to see the costuming one, and I definitely didn't want to miss out on this year's theme!

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Honestly, once I saw the photo of Mickey on the website, I knew we were going.  I couldn't miss it.  Disney is using this event as the official kick off to the "100 Years of Disney" celebration.  Usually, D23 Expos take place in the US on the odd years.  I assume that the 100 Years theme was supposed to be used for the 2023 event, but when they postponed the 2021 event to this year, they pushed that theme ahead.

There aren't many details about the event available yet, but they are having the large exhibit themed to celebrating the 100 Years of Magic that Disney has created.  Walt's plane is being restored and will be on display.  The merchandise features Mickey with the magical swirls around him.  I can only imagine the amazing products that will be available to purchase and the Disney history that will on display at the exhibit.

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Eliot and I are already planning our outfits.  I'm making a list of things that I want to do and see this year.  Most notably, I'd love to get in to see the Mousequerade fashion show.  I love to see the creativity of other people, and this event is always top notch!

There are so many things to look forward to about the D23 Expo.  I'm so thankful that this year, I won't want to be where the people are; I will be where the people are!!!  °o°

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