Friday, August 23, 2019

A Wanna Be Where the People Are... D23 Expo 2019

I wanna be, where the people are.  I wanna see, wanna see the show floor...

The 2019 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California is officially underway.  Starting today, and throughout the weekend, thousands of Disney fanatics will descend upon the Anaheim Convention Center to witness the spectacular event filled with Disney magic.

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Unfortunately, we're missing out as Eliot and I made the difficult decision to skip it this year.  With my travel agent cruise days away, and our 2 back-to-back cruises in December, it just wasn't feasible.  I'm ok with the decision even though I'm a bit sad, especially since we're not sure if we'll be able to go in 2021.  I guess time will tell.

There are so many fun things to experience at the D23 Expo.  Here are a few of the things that I'm going to miss about not being there in person:

Show Floor- The Show Floor has tons of different booths from the different studios (Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel), different vendors, and more.  It's fun just to walk around the giant space with nothing but Disney everywhere.  It really is like going into the Oh My Disney website from Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Exhibits- This is one of my favorite parts.  This year, there's an entire 12,000 square foot exhibit of costumes from live action Disney movies and television shows.  Oh my gosh... the costumes and the details.  I could literally have spent hours just in there.

Panels and News- This is the main event where Disney releases information about their theme parks and upcoming movies.  There are also panels where you can usually see some of the actors from the movies.  Last D23 Expo, Eliot's sisters and I went to the Princess panel and we got to listen to interviews with the ladies who play the voices of Moana, Tiana, Ariel and Belle!  It was so cool!

Fan Costumes- This is so much fun.  I love seeing the creative costumes!  People get really into it and the designs are so much fun!  I can't wait to stalk Instagram.

Cool Photo Ops- There are so many cool photo ops with props and more.  At the 2017 expo, they had Scrooge's Money Bin where you could jump into it and they took your photo.  This year, they have Sharpay's pink car from the High School Musical movies.  I've also seen a few fun photo backdrops.  And the Pixar Ball Wall is back!!!

Once in a Lifetime Experiences- There are also fun once-in-a-lifetime experiences like seeing Alan Menken in concert.  This was so cool that Eliot and I went to it twice last time.  We also got to take a photo with the cast of Descendants 2.

Merchandise- Finally, the merchandise.  My wallet is overjoyed that I'm home this year.  At D23, it's so tempting to spend money on limited edition merchandise.  I usually find myself with twice as much stuff as I really would have wanted.  Luckily, I won't miss out on this totally because my mother-in-law is en route as I type this.  Nori is going to the expo today and tomorrow.  Eliot and I wrote up a short list of things we wanted to her to try to get for us.  Thankfully, since we're not there in person, we won't be tempted more than we already have been.

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While I'm pretty bummed out that we're missing the D23 Expo this year, I know it's for the best.  Plus, it's not as bad as 2015 when Eliot was able to go and I had to stay home.  I wish I was there but since I'm not... I'm going to have a lot of fun reading everyone's reports from it!  If you're there, let me know what your favorite part is!  °o°

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