Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pre-Trip Projects

Hey Everyone!  I thought that I'd say hello really quick before we leave for Walt Disney World later on this afternoon!

Yesterday was really busy.  I ended up working on a few accessory projects that I wanted to wear during our trip!  I spent a good portion of yesterday working on them.  I still have a few things I'm trying to get done before we leave this evening, but I'll give you guys a quick sneak peek!  I haven't even started to pack!  Ahh... gotta get to work!

Here's the Custom Minnie Mouse Headband that I've been working on.  I finally finished it yesterday by adding a bright yellow bow!

Here's one of the projects that took me most of yesterday.  I spent all evening designing this and putting it together!  It's my Custom Elsa Ear Hat!  

I'm really happy with how it came out!  You can't even see all of the amazing details from this photo.  It's so sparkly and glittery.  The veil on the back is 3 layers and one of them even has snowflakes on it!

Finally, here's a quick concept sketch of another project.  I still have to go put the rest of this one together, but here's a sneak peek.  Can you guess what it's going to be?

Do you want one of these for yourself?  All of these items will eventually make their way to my Happily Ever Hatter shop on Etsy that I plan to open later on this month!  In the meantime, become a fan on Facebook to find out when the shop will make it's debut!

Well, I better go finish my projects, packing and make sure that everything is ready to go! I don't want to forget anything!  I'll try to check in here and there during our trip!  If you'd like to follow along on my WDW journey, please check out the My Disney Life Facebook Page.  I'll be posting pictures over there throughout the trip!  And maybe I'll even post a few during the half marathon!

I'm off to Walt Disney World!!!!  Stay magical friends!!!  °o°

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