Sunday, October 5, 2014

Make A Wish

Hi friends!  I wanted to follow up with a story I shared with you.  Last week, I told you about a package that Eliot and I sent to a very special little girl named Scarlet.

Last Saturday, Scarlet found out she is going to Walt Disney World through Make A Wish.  Her Wish Granter ordered an Elsa ear hat from my Happily Ever Hatter store.  As I mentioned, Eliot and I wanted to spread some extra Disney magic.  We also included snowflake hair clips, bubblegum scented Mickey Mouse soaps and an Olaf soap.

A few days ago, I got a letter in the mail from Make A Wish thanking us for helping to make Scarlet's wish come true.  It was a beautiful letter and it brought tears to my eyes while reading it.  Scarlet's Wish Granter also enclosed was a Make A Wish magnet, which now proudly hangs on our refrigerator.

Last week, Scarlet's Wish Granter emailed me pictures of Scarlet at her party.  She gave me permission to share them.  Here's Scarlet opening the box with the Elsa hat. 

Her Wish Granter told me Scarlet didn't want to take her hat off after she opened it.  It's made me feel really good to know I made her something that she will cherish so much.  I absolutely love her Elsa outfit!

She also enjoyed the soaps Eliot made her from Snowblade Creations!

I'm so happy we could help make this little girl's wish come true.  I hope Scarlet has an incredible trip and that her family makes many magical memories together.  °o°

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