Saturday, April 4, 2015

DIY: Mickey Easter Pom Pom Garland

Today I have a fun tutorial of a project I just finished.  Eliot and I haven't had the time to decorate the house for Easter and I confess that I'm scrambling around at the last minute.  (Although, I know I'm not alone judging by the people crowded around the Easter aisles at the store...)  Instead of going all out with our decorations, I wanted to add a little bit of pastel colors while showing my Disney Side.  The result?  This cute Mickey Mouse Easter Pom Pom Garland that took me less than 30 minutes to make.

Want to make one?  Here's how I made my Mickey Easter Pom Pom Garland!

Pastel Pom Poms (I found a giant package with varying sizes at Michael's)
1/8" Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun

Steps to Make 
Mickey Mouse Easter Pom Pom Garland:

1.) Sort Through Pom Poms
Sort through your pastel pom poms to find sizes that will work for Mickey.  I chose some that were about 1" and 1/2" for his head and ears respectively.  This was honestly the most time consuming (yet fun) part of the whole project!

2.) Assemble Your Pom Pom Mickeys
Take your pom poms and dab a small amount of hot glue to the head and attach an ear.  Press firmly so they'll stick to each other.  Add the other ear and set Mickey aside to dry.  Do this until you've completed all of your Mickeys.

3.) Assemble Your Mickey Garland
Organize your Mickeys in the order you'd like them attached to the garland.  Cut your ribbon to the desired length and find the center by folding it in half.  Start there and arrange the Mickeys along it paying attention to the spacing.  (Try to make it as even as possible.  Use a ruler if necessary.)  Attach the Mickeys to the ribbon by gluing the "back" of both Mickey's ears and pressing the ribbon into the pom poms.  Attach all of the Mickeys along the garland.  Note: It's important that you glue the ribbon to both of Mickey's ears.  If you attach the ribbon to his head, the Mickeys will flop over.

4.) Allow Garland to Dry
When you are finished, let it dry for a few minutes before moving it.  If you'd like, make loops on the end to hook it up with thumb tacks or with push pins.

5.) Hang Your Mickey Garland Up
Hang your Mickey Easter Pom Pom Garland up and admire your work!  I used Scotch tape to tape mine above our kitchen cabinets.  The sun shines in through the kitchen window and the Mickeys cheer the whole room up with their bright pastel colors!  In fact, I'll probably leave it up for a few weeks as a spring decoration!

Enjoy your new Mickey Mouse Easter Pom Pom garland!!!  Happy Easter!!!  °o°