Friday, July 24, 2015

Fun Find: Christmas in July Day at Disneyland

Happy Fun Find Friday!  Today, we're getting into the holiday spirit- Christmas in July style!  It's no secret that I love holidays.  I'm a complete sucker for anything Disney holiday themed.  (Here's my confession for those who are new around here.)  The other day, I stumbled across something on Instagram and it had me ready to break out my Christmas music, dig out my decorations and trim the Christmas tree!  I present to you:  Disney Christmas in July Day at Disneyland!

Photo Credit: DCIJ Facebook Page
Disney Christmas in July Day, also known as DCIJ, is a new event created by Disney fans.  I'm sure most of you have heard of Dapper Days.  (If not... stay tuned for future posts.)  This is a similar event- where Disney fans attend the park wearing themed outfits, gather to meet each other and go on rides together as a large group.

Photo Credit: DCIJ Facebook Page
This summer is the inaugural DCIJ event.  It will take place this Sunday, July 26th, at Disneyland.  As of right now, there aren't plans to bring the event to WDW and the east coast, but if and when there are, I'm all over that like ornaments on Christmas trees!

Photo Credit: DCIJ Facebook Page
There are some really fun events planned for the day: a castle meet up, caroling on the Mark Twain, a train ride around the park, watching Paint the Night and taking a group photo!  (Group photos will be posted online after the event is over.)

Photo Credit: DCIJ Facebook Page
Event coordinators encourage everyone to dress up, but actual costumes are not allowed per Disneyland rules. However, ugly Christmas sweaters, Santa hats and red/green outfits totally acceptable options.  You could even Disneybound as your favorite character!  (Here's the official event rules and guidelines for more info.)

Photo Source: DisneyBound
Unable to go but want to follow the DCIJ fun on social media?  Here are a few links:

I will be celebrating from afar, but I'll be there in spirit- the Christmas Spirit that is!  For those going, have fun, sing your hearts out and spread the Christmas joy!  I can't wait to see all of your outfits!  Someday, I'll be there in person to celebrate with you!

Photo Credit: DCIJ Facebook Page
HappChristmas in July!!! °o°

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