Monday, July 3, 2017

Pink Eye: Part 2

At the moment, I can't seem to catch a break.  Right when Eliot and I had the busiest week for our ear business, I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis right in the middle of it.  For those of you keeping score: Pink Eye: 2, Melissa: 0.

Fortunately, I realized that I had it pretty quickly on.  I woke up Wednesday with pain and a very watery right eye. I tried using a cold compress like I usually do, and that didn't work.  By the time I was driving to work, it suddenly dawned on me that it was probably pink eye.  As the work day wore on, it was becoming more clear-while my vision was becoming less clear.  I dashed out of work as soon as we were done with our last patient, rushed over to the walk in clinic, and was officially diagnosed about 45 minutes later.  Lucky for me, the pharmacy stayed open until 8:00 pm and I made it over there with about 10 minutes to spare!

Thankfully, Eliot was more sympathetic to the "diseased rodent" this time around.  Instead of teasing me, he told me to sit on the couch, rest and not touch anything.  Then, he stayed up all night working on as many ears as he could.  He only got an hour of sleep before getting up to go to work for a few hours.  At least he was flying out to California for the weekend (to visit his family) and he could sleep on the plane.

So... now it's Monday night.  This is the first time I've been on my computer since Wednesday.  It's the first time the light from the computer hasn't completely bothered my eyes.  (It's not feeling too great the longer I sit here though.)  I'm still having trouble driving at night with oncoming lights, but I'm hoping that'll go away soon.

As for the ears, this is going to be a busy few days before our trip to California for Disneyland and the D23 Expo.  We leave on the 13th, so stay tuned.  Hopefully, I'll at least be able to pop back over to do my bucket list between now and then!  °o°

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